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The thorough exposure of the political woiikni'ss of the so-called Oliio idea, will, we have no doubt, prove a blessing in disguise for the Democratie party as well as for the country. Whatever experimonts may bo tried by other political organizations, the Democracy oannot abandon its time honored pnnoiplus as the party of the Constitution, of hard money and sound finanoial principie, without exposing itself to denioralization and defoat. Unable to prevail in tho State which wbs regardod as its stronghold, the Greenback delusion has not the slightest chance to become the lever by which any party - and least of all tho Democratie party - can hope to elévate itself into power in tbo nation. - linit'iilo Courier. lt is necessary for the Demócrata to learn that they can gam notbing by werving from theit sound and timehonored principies, especially with regard to tbo finaucial question. Fools may be caught by glittoring generalities about so-called " fiat money," but every sensible man turns with disgust from all soft-inoney blatherskites. - Cincinnati l'olksfreund. It cost Thompson H. Murch, the Greenback Congressman elect from the Fifth Mame District $700 to get elected. It would be interesting to know how much it cost Eugene Hale to get defeated. - New Haten Union. We believe that every Demoorat that fails to vote the ticket this fall is contributing to the perpetuation of Republicanism. We havo given the matter innch thought, and we fai] to see what any Democrat can expect to gain by going into the Greenback movement. Nor can we understand why any Democrat should play into the hands of the Republicans by voting a ticket based upon a single issue and ignoring every great principie for which we have contested for so tnany years. - Flint Journal. Two States have been lost in Congresa and a third has been barely saved, and still wu huar of rejoicing ! Iustead of the thirty votes whioh the Republicans have iu this House, from the three States in question, they will have twenty-one in the next. Does this prove that the danger is past? Or, taking the new House, as far as elected, the party - a minority in tho present House - is deprived of twelve members. Is it safe on this showing to boast and shout as though greut triumphs had been achieved 'Í The truth is, thst the Congre8sioiial outlook is gloomy. - New York l'imes. A tinsmith on Canal Htrpet has invented a " tiat. " stove. lt will be an excellent thing for poor people during the winter. It resembles soinewhat a pocket lantern in appearance, and is labeled on four sides : " Red Hot." That is what he calis " absolute heat." He says he shall get the stamp of the Government, through the Patent Office, and then an act of Congress making it a legal tender specific for all uses where heat is required " There's millions iu it." - Grand Rápida Engle. The bold assertion that Mechanica' Hall at Worcester was not broken into, did n't deceive uiany people, but they even will be convinced when they know that Butler not only paid the rent of the hall, but $25, demauded by tho owners to repair the damage done by breaking in, was paid over by his manager. -


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