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NEW ADVERTISEME'ÑTS PW. O'TOOI.E, Itt. D. Office at his resi dence, No. 17Nortu Ingalls St. Alloalls, night or day, will reoeive prompt attcution. 1705m3 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED States for tho Eaatern District of Michigan. In bar.kruptoy. In the matter of Martin Clark, a bankrupt. Xotice ik hereby giveu that on Monday, the 2Sth day of October, 1878, at 10 o'olock a. m., the undersigned assignee will sell at public auction. at his office íq the city of Ann Aruor, all ot' the uncollected book accounts of the aid bankrupt, A schedule of said accuunts may be aeen at Ihe ofiiee of ihe undersigned. Dated, Ann Arbor, Oct. 4, 1878. EDWAHD D. KINNE, 17C9wJ Assiguee. REGISTRATION NOTIL'E. Notice is hereliy given that sessions of the Board of Rcistralion of the stovend wards Of the city of Anu Arbor, will be held in the respective wards of said city for the purpose of registeriug tho electors on Tuesday, the 29th day of October, A. 1). 1878, commencing at 9 o'clock a. K. and rlosing at 7 o'clock l1. M. of that day, at tht following nanied places : First Ward- F. Sorg's Paint Shap. Second Ward - üut.el & Co. 's store. ïhird Ward- At the Probate Office. Fourth Ward - ín Hogers' Store. Fifth Ward- At the Engine Hotwe. Sixth Ward- At McDonald's Store. Also that a session of the Board of Registratiou for the city of Ann Arbor will be held at the'Couimon Councll room (In Firemen's Hall) on Wednesday, the 30th day of October, A. D. 1878, from 9 o'eluck ín the furenoon ixntl] 4 o'c]x!k in the afternoon of that day, for the purpose of registeriug qualilied electora ainl for comparing, reviewing, correctlng and completing the scveral ward registry lists. All pcraons who will at the coming eleetion to bo held on Tuesday, tho fifth day of November, 1878, be entitled to vote under the provisions of Section I, Arliclc VII, of the Coustltution, and who have uot already registered in the wards in which they now live, should register their namea. liy order of the Board of Uegistration. JAMES B. UOÏT, Chairnian. H. E. H. Bower, Beeretary. Ann Arbor, Oct. 15, 1878. ' 17OPw2 Estáte of Thomas A. Booth. oTATK OF MICHIGAN, County of Waabtenaw O bh. At ti seesion of the Probate Court for the County of WaBhtenaw, holden t the Probate office in the city of Ann Arbor on Saturday, the twtltth day of October, in the year one thouaaud tíiiíht hundred and aeventy-eight. Freaent, William D. II .vrn mnu , Judge of Probate. In ihe matter of the eatate oí Thomua A. Booth, deceased. Onreadingandflnngthepetition.duly veriflfid,of Horuce llooth, prayinff that Noah W. Cheever or aome other suitable persou muy he tippointfid administrator oí the estuto ot' the said deceased. Thereupon it ia order ed , that Mouday ,the elereoth day of November next, ttt ten o'clock in the forenoon, beansignedfurtheheFiringoi eaidpetition and that the heira at law of Huid deceaaed and all other perHOnj interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a üesniou of said Oourt, then to be holduu at the Probate Otöce in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the prnyer of the petitioner ahouid uot be granted: And it ia further ordered that aaid petitioner give notice to the persona intereated in said eatate, of the pendency of aaid petilioa ixnd the hearing thereof, by cauding a cpy of this order to be published in tlio Michigan Argux, ft newapaper printed and circulated in said county, three sicceaBÍTe weeks previouH to tmid day of hearing. W1LLIAM D. HAKRIMAN, CA truecopy). Judge oí Probate. Wk. i. Doty, Probate Keginter. 1709td II OUSE AND LOT FOR SALE. Located in a desirable part of the oüty, and in food repair. Also a houae to rent on favorable :erina. luquire at the Aitüt'c office, er 2 THOMdON TREET. Ann Arbor, Maroh U, 187S. lG78tf. FREE FOB 1878. THE Examiner & Chronicle, [EaTABr.ISHF.D IN 1323.1 The Leading liaptist Xewsiiaper, IS NOW DET.IVKRED BY MAIL, TOSTAIIE PREPA11), TO NKW tfUBHCRIBKUd. Frora Not. 1, 18Ï8 to Jan. 1, 1880, FOR $2.5O. THE PIUCE OF ONE YEAlt'd SUBSCRIPTION, Clubs of Ten, 22, with a Free Paper. TIÏE EXAMINKR AND CHRONICLE ia dfa tiuetively a Family newspaper. In making it the Editor hnB the eooperntiou of the best newapaper writera of his own denonunation, beaides the ocaasional contribution, in .special depnrtmenti, o( ack nowledged ability in other ooramuniona. IT COMPRISES: A Current Kvent Expositor, A Living Pulpit and Platiorm. A Miasionary and Baptist Event Record, A Kunduy School Instituto, An Educational Institute, A Literary, Theological, Scientiticand Art Review, A Popular Story Page, Family Miscellany and PukIeis' H.'alm, A Husbandmau'e nnd Housekeeper's Helper, A Markct Reporter, &c. All roiidurtect in an outspoken, wide-HWke, and popular man Der. 03" Kneretic Canvassers wanted, and will be puid a liberal Cabh CumniieaionFor sample copies and tarraa to canvassers, addresn F. O. Box 3835, New York t'ity. O PBCIAL OFFEE ! THE NEW YORK Weekly World AN EIGHT PAGE NEWSPAPEE, Will be ent fpostnffe prepaid) from until Jnnuary 1, 1879, FOR TEN" CENTS. This Special Offer In made to enable the People to seo for themselves how good a paper THE WORLD i and how worthy it is of their support. We will Pay the Postale - AMD SEND - THE NEW YORK WEEKLY WORLD ONE ÏI.AR FOR ONE DOLLAR I Or 50 ets. for 6 Months. Which in lean thnn two oenU s Treek by the yevr, for a large EIGHT PAGE PAPER. Address, "THE WORLD, " 55 Park Row, N. Y. Spini-UirklrEdltion, S2 p.-r i;ir ltitl 1 ililion, 10 " Daily, without Sunduy EdlUon, 8 " CUT THIS OUT AND HAND IT TO YOUR NEIüHBOR. PURE GUM RUBBER BOOTS Being free from ddulteratlve mixture, will give longer service than common Rubber Boots. Their gret popularity ha led to man chap Imitfttions, baving a Dvu. Finish, but tbls season tbe ' "CANDEE" CO. nu VARNISH Their PURE GUM BOOTS, and to diitlnguiih tliem from the common kind. will nttach a RUBBER LABEL on tbe front ot tbe leg, bearlng tbe inscriptiou CUSTOM MADE. PURE GUM. These Boots have the Patent MetalHeel Pinto, which prevent the heel wearing away o quickly , and tbey will have aUo the patent Outside Stationary Strap Instead of the very Inconvenient web insld ■trap, used on other makea of Boots, ASK FOR THE "CANDEE" BOOT. Eloction. XTotice. SnEBirrs Office, Ank Aiiboe, ) Auoübt 14t 1878. t To ihe Electors nf Waahtenaw County : You are hereDy notified that at the General Election, to be held od Tcebday, the Fifth dat of November, in the State of Michigan, the followinff otficers are to be elncted, viz : A Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor General, State Treasurer, CommiiwioHer of the State Land Office. Attorney Generul, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and a Mcmber of the State Board of Eduration, in place of Ëdward Dorsch, vhoBe term of office will expire December 31, 1878; a Representativa in Congresa for the Second üonressionttl District ot this Stnte, to which this county íb attaohed; a Senator for the Kourth Senatorial District, consistin? of Washtenaw County; also one Hoprtsentntive in the State Ltgislature from each of the several Hepresentative diBtricte, as follows: JXrst District - Auiruatti, Pittafleld Saline, York, Ypulanti City and Ypsilanti Town; Second District- Anu Arbor City, Aun Arbor Town, Northñeld, Salem, Superior and Webster; Third District - Bridg-ewater, Dexter, Freedora, Lima, Lodi, Lyndon, Manchester, Scio, Sharon, and Sylvan. Also a Sheriff, County Clerk, County Treasurer, Register of Decds, Prosecutin Attorney, two Circuit t.'ourt Commiesioüera, a County surveyor, and two Coroners. JOSIAH 8. CASE, Sheriff. Abstracts of Titles. All parties who are desirous of ascertaining the condition of the title to their landa, or partiee who winh io loaq money on real estáte will do welt to cali at the ftegister's ofiUce and consult a Compared Set of Abstract Books. Said books are po fur advanced that the Register can Í urnish on ehort notice a Perfect Statement as to the Title of any parcel of lnnd in Washtenaw County a shown by the original records. C. H. MANLY, Register. THE GEEAT ENGLISH REMEDY! GRAT'S SPECIFIC MEDICIXE TRADEMARtC.l9 „pecially TR ADjK SeÊty unfiuling cure for ÉiL % -n m' i Öelt Abuse; aaOS"V B Jíeíore iaJangLobs of MaMo-fter Takingi RT.UNIVKBRALLAflSITÜDE.PAlN IN THK BACK, DlMhesh of Vision, Prematube Old Aok, and many other diee ases that lead to Insanity, Consumption nd a Premature Grave, all of which as a rule are i i si caused by deviatintf from the path of nature and over indufgenco. The SpeciÜc Medicine ia the resultof a Hftf study and many years of experi: ín.' in treating these special diueases. Full particulars in our pampblets, whieh we deïire to send free by mail to every one. The Speciflc Medicine Íh sold by (til DrugisU at (1 perpackago, or ix pnokages for $5, or will be ient by mail on receipt of the money by addresainjf THE GRAY MEDICINÉ CO., 1G74 No 10 Meohanloa' Blook. Detroit Mich. 49"Sold in Ann Arbor by Kberbach & Son. and by ah drugufsts evsrywhero.


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