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- Nat. Schmid and Miss Hannah Lehu, oJ Manchester, were married on the lüth inst. - Those iron girders whioh are to strengthen the Court House flooi 8 are now being put in. - J. L. MoCauley, of the Saginaw Courier, gave us a cali yesterday. He is taking notes - The brave soldiers boys of Oompany F, Ypsilanti, are now armed with the new Sha.rpe rifles. - The programme tor Miss Kelsey's musical and dramatic entertainment next Tuesday evening is n good one. - The entertainment given on Tuesday evening in aid of the yellow-fever sufferers wan voted a success. Net proceeds, (136. - The Republicana of the Third district propose to nomínate a candidate for Reprepentative to-morrow, at Chelsea. - The annual moeting of the Toledo and Ann Arbor Railroad Company was adjoumed from Wednesdav until to-day, at 2 o'clock p. in. - Apples are cheap, potatoes high, and wheat down. All coming in freely. Three cars of wheat, a day are beinjj shippfld by the M. C. R. R. - On Satur I ay last 2,500 chickens were shipped from here to Boston parties by Geo. W. Buil. The M. C. R. R. furuished transportation. The Ann Arbor Medical and Surgical Society will meet next W'eduesday eveuing. A paper will be read by the editor of the Detroit Medical AVíps- The musical people of Ypsilanti are making preparatiohs to bring out the Cantata, " Belshazzar," under the direction of Prof. E. M. Foote. - M. S. Cook, Superintendent of Schools for the town of Lima, gives notice of a public examinatiou of teachers at the school house, Lima Center, on Siiturday, Oct. 2l, at 'J o'clock a. m. - In the Suprerne Court an order has been made directing seutence to be pronounced in the Circuit Court against George Cook, couvicted at the November, 1877, term, of nianslaughter. - The dweiling of Conrad Schade, in Bridgewater, waa burned on Tuesday evening, with all the bedding and clothiii?. Part of the turniture saved in a damagml coniition. Loss about Ï1.800. - The Circuit Court will open in regular term on Tuesday next, with a calendar : Criminal, 28 ; issues of fact, 34 ; imparlance 5 ; chancery - lst class 1; 3d cluso, 1; tourth class, 14. Total, 107. - Dexter Leader : " Mrs. Deiorest Litchtield in atterapting to alight from a buggy, on Tuesday, cauïht her foot in the linea, und was throwu to the ground witït Buch force as to intiict paintul injuries." - At a meeting of the Washteuaw County Grangers held in this city on Tuesday, H. D. Platt, of Pittsfield, E. A. Nordman, ot Lima, and Robert T. Campbell, of Saline, were elected delegates to the State Grange. - During Sunday night last Oonratl 3. Heiher, living in the townshtp of Lima, cominitted suicide, in a fit of teinporary iusanity, by jumping Hito a well. He was stiü warm when found but life was extinct. Soms little time since he attemptod suicide by opening the veins in his arm. - About that proposed Grand Trunk extensión, a reporter of the Detroit Evening Neips makes Mr. Joy say, " I understaud that Mr. Hickson prefers going to Yüsilanti, but would also go by the way of Ann Arbor. The distance is about the sanie, and he has no marked preference for either route." Coming " by way of Ann Arbor " means making our city the terminus of the Ypsilanti aud Hillsdale road. - On Sunday last two bo3:s disoovered what Beemed to be the trunk of a man floating in Hanke'8 mili pond, near River Raisin station, in Bridgewater. Giviug notice at the little burg noar by, the body was taken from the wuter, and proved to be without eitber head or feet. One arm was also missing. No clue ■could be obtaiued to the ideutity of the subject. No one has been missed from that vicinity. - It is sometimes asserted, and with great assurance, that manufacturing canuot be made to pay in Ann Arbor. In denial of this assertion we are permitted to say that the Aun Arbor Agricultural Company haB just declared a cash dividend of 19 per cent. on its year's business. And this Company, as we have beretofore told our readers, claim that they can use doublé their capital with equal proflt, working a much larger force, and conferring additioual benefits upon our city, - On Monday afternoon last as the horse of I. L. Grinnell was hitched in front of Sorg's shop on Washington streef, he threw hls foot over the halter, backed, broke the halter, and ran off. Mr. Griunell attempted to get iuto the buggy to get hold of the linea, bnt was dragged several rods and then dropped in the Street, considerably dirtied and a little bruised. The horse ran across to Huron street, down Hurón to Main, and turning into Main carne in collision with the carriage of Johu Doane, of Dexter, who, with his wife, was just starting horneward. The shock threw Mr. Doaue out, and he struck on his shouldera on the crossing. Mrs. Doane maintained her place in the carriage. Grinnell's horse then dashed along Main street towards his store and was brought up by striking a hitching post in front of Taylor's, smashing the buggy. Mr. Doane was taken into Tremaine's drug store, and after recovery from the shock drove off for home. He. is an old, feeble, heavy man, aud hiR eecape from serious injury was a narrow one. Tlie County Pomologrical Society. The annual meeting of the Washtenaw County Pomological Society was held Saturday at Firemen's Hall in this city. The fol_ lowing ofticers were elected for the ensuing year : President - J. Austiu Scott, Ann Arbor. Vice-Presidents - J. D. Boldwin, Ann Arbor ; S. W. Dorr, Manchester; J. C. Rouse, I'ittsheld. Secretary- Jocob Gar.zhorn, Ann Arbor. Treasurer- J. J. Parshall, Aun Arbor. Executive Committee- F. F. Tuckor, SylYan ; Wm. P. Groves, Northfield ; U. H. Woodruff, Anu Arbor ; N. B. Covert, Ann Arbor. Jacob Ganzhorn partially read a paper on "General Fruit Culture," whicli will be continued at tha next monthly meeting in November.


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