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The Boaed Of Supervisoss

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The Board of Supervisors of this county met in annual sossion at Firomen'a Hall in thia city at 11 o'clock . 111. on Monday, Oot. 14. The Board was callecl to order by the chairman, Üeorge S. Wheeler, of Salem, and on oall of roll liy the Clcrk a quorum failed to answer to their namen. An adjnurnment waa taken uil til afternoou wheu tfie Board proceoded to business with but two absentóos, Messrs. Burch, of Manchester, and Robison, of Sharon. The following are t&e members of the Board : Ann Arbor City, - - Conrad Krapf " " " - Aloniso A. U-regory " " " - Uandall Schuyler Auguta, - - John D. ülcott Bridxewater, - Daniel LeBaron Dexter, - Frod. R. Snyder Freedom, - - Jacob Brsiaing Lima, ... Charles Whitaker Lodi, - - Egbert V. Harper Lvndon, - Thomas Young Manchester, - - Horatio Burch Northfield, - - Putrick S. Purtell Pittsfleld, - - Morton F. Case Salem, ... George S. Wheeler Saline, - - Everett B. Clark Scio, ... Patrick McGiiinness Sharon, - - John J. Robison Superior, - - ■ - Freemau P. Galpin Sylvau, - - Timothy McKone Webster, ... L. Dow Ball York, - - John W. Blakeslee Ypsilanti City, - - Lee Yost " " - Martinas L. Shutts " Town, - - W. Irving Yeckley In the afternoou session tho standing committees were annouuced a follows : On Equalization, Supervisors Yeckley, LeBaron, Young, Gregory, Clark. On Criminal Claims, Supervisors Case, son, daKesiee. On Civil Claims, Supervisors Ball, Whitaker Galpin. To Settle with Couuty Officers, Supervisors Yost, Harper, Schuyler. On Salaries of County OfficerB, Foster, Krapr, Shutts. On Apportionment of State and County Taxes, Krapt, McKoue. Brciuing. On Public Buildings, Krapf, LeBaron, Foster. I On Rejected Taxes, Purtell, Snyder, Post. On Per Diem Allowance, Olcott, MeGuinness, Galpin. To Examine Accounts of the Superintendent of the i?oor, Burch, Breining, Case. On Finance, Yeckley, LeBaron, Yost. - The equalized valuation ol the county has been ñxed t?8,000,000. What a mighty poor county ! ■ - Judge Lawrence submitted the report of theBuilding Conimittee ou Tueeday. - The Board has prohibited any more orders being drawn in favor of Architecf Bunting until tbe question of responsibility for those weak and springy iron joist is determined. If the Architect ïsn't responsibla who'n thunder is ? - Xext Tuosday the Bonrd will visit the County House, - and eat turkey - Gov. Ashley has tendered the members of the Board a tree "rideonthe rail",- toToedo. Wednesdry next is the day.


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