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- A letter from the Stata editor of the Eeening News answersourqueation propounued in the last Ahous, " Is thia the same gentleman," ifec, by sayin that the quoted item from the News " refers to 110 Ann Arbor man, nor to 110 man who is uow iu the newBpaper business or who waa ever eniaged in it in any capacity. " So far so good, but this denial, coupled by a dechnation to give the nnine of the " gentleman " (not asked ter by us), doen not relieve the individual we raistakenly suppo8ed to be the "man " from what constituted the gist of our item : the statement oi the method he pursues to get eubscribers. We have direct and poBiüve knowledge that the charge made in our interrogativo senteuce is true. - There is evidently a little " onptetisautness " esistiug betvveen tho phyaicions and coronerB of Detroit, elae the Lanaing Republiran would n't have occasion to report Dr. Lyster as assudug the State Board of Health that " the coroners frequently steol all the personal assets of the dead man, not even leaving enough to pay the phyaician who has iu some cases worked hard to save hM lii'e." Such coroners should be nbated. - The StateJBoard of Health has issued a pamphlet giving explicit and quite full directions for the " restriction and prevention of diphtheria." They assert that " diphtheria is a coutagious disease," and the rules laid dowu to prevent lts contraction and spread are important both to the medical profession and laymen. Yet we are confident that they are observed in very few casea. - The New York Sun evidently holds to the opinión that there is a great erop of Spintualists in this country. Itsays: "If the principie were to be established that no man who believes in spiritualism is capable of making a will the Surrogates and Probate Juiiges would liave their hands full." - Opium eaters are evideiitly numerous in thiB State and on the increase. Niuety-six physicians, iu their reporta to the State Board of Health, assert perBOnal knowledge of 1,313 addicted to that habit. - A daily exchange givea under the heading " This Moruing'8 Home News," iteina from [ Jaiio, Maine, New York, New Orleana, Wyoming Territory, Utah, etc. Don't those Evening News fellows spread " home " out rather generously r - Having spent a very few weeks on this 8ide the herring pond, Dean Stanley is going o write a book abotit America. And he saw so much of it. - Good reading : that extract ou our fourth )age from that veritable and " standard, history of New York, by Diedrich Knickerbockor


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