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- In disouasing the tempéranos question iu the recent Presbyteriau Synod at Adrián, and especially the workings of the Reform or Red Ribbon Clubs, the Rev. Dr. Brown, of this city, íb reported as saying "that all tho ministers in that [hiB] city wore the red ribbon, took an active part, and did all iu their power to further the cause. But the worldly nunded men in some way obtained control of the organization and he coufessed that the Red Ribbon movement was antagouistic to the advancement oï religión. The evening meetings detracted largely from the attendance on the church, and thoy were in theniselves meetings not of a religiou8 nature." - Under the auspices of the Reform Club meetings will be heid in University Hall on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings next, to inaugúrate a live temperance movement among the students. Prominent speakers have been invited, including several Regents and Professors, D. Bethune Duffield, Prof. Estabrook, George W. McBride, of Grand Haven, J. D. Ronan, of Monroe, and Hon. S. M. Cutcheon and Capt. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti. Good mnsic will be provideil. - W, C. ï ü. of this county will hold a convention at Chelsea, commenciug WedneBday next, Oct. 23, at 10;30 a. m., and continue during Thursday. The Presideut, Mrs. J. D. Staunard, gives notice that " entertaiuing papers will presented, and able speakers may be cxpected on Wednesday evening." - That " Buckeye Broadax" did u't hew worth a cent last Sunday eftornoon. Cause: did u't put in an appearance. Rev. R. B. Pope and Rev. Mr. Bush filled the vacancy. Editob of the Abqus : The nominee for Register ot' Deeds on the Greeuback ticket ia thia county (Albert T. Bruegel), from appearance has not heard of the elections in Obio, Indiana, and Iowa. He has said that if he had tive huudred dollars to spend he could go iuto Freedom and Bridgewater and secure his election. Being a Germán himself, it would appear that he judgea the Germán voters of thoss two towns to be men like himsalf, men tbat would sell out at a low pnce ; but being without money, but fuli of assurance he has secured a Germán speaker and is going to inake a canvass of those two towns with the endeavor to secure his election, thinking perhaps that the Germans there do not kuow him. We thiuk they do, and of his past hiütory. Albert, they are uot deluded, ueither can you delude them, they are all naturaüzed and kuow enough of this government and of you to not be led by a man unless he is thelr better. A Germán can't piay a Yankee trick on them a seoond time.


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