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The Administration Adopts A New Policy At The South

The Administration Adopts A New Policy At The South image
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A special dispatch from Washington lo leading Republican journals of the country communicates some very interesting information in the following words : Attornoy Gonoral Dovens to-day telographed tho following instructions to tho Unitod Statoe District Attornoy for Xorth Carolina: Washington, Oct 5, 1878. ín casos of interferenco by Demócrata with Republican moetings, callod for tho purpoae of aking initiatory steps towanl tlin doetlon of mombors of Congres, I cali your attontion to chapter 7, and ospocially soction 5,520, Rovised StafntoB. Yon will bo olpocted to give your personal attention to all cases arMne undor the ibove soction. MeetingH callel for the pnrpose of advocating and supporting tho election of candidatos for Copgreès hould be undisturbed, and oatrh party must havo frecdom to mippor ho candfdaU'fi Of Kb dioico. You will show ;his lottor to the Marshal of tho district, who, it s to bo hopod, will remlw yoü all asnlstanco by appointing discreet and propor döpitttes to cxecuto tho provisión of the statute. Chahi.ks Devens, Attorney General. Tho following is the text of aection 5,520 of theKevisecl Statütes referrcd to : Soc. 5,520. If two or moro persons in any tat! or Torrítory conspiro to prevent by forco, intimidation, orthreat, any citixen whoislawfnlly ontitled to vote from giving his support or advocacy, in logal mannor, toward or in favor of thé electiou of any lawfully {iualifiel person as au elector for Presidont or Vico President, or as a member of tho Congress of tho United States; or to injuro any citizon in person or property on account of such support or advocacv ; each of Buch persons ahall do punishod bv a fine of not loss than $500 nor moro than $5,1X10, or ly imprisonment, with or without hard lalxr, not less than six months nor moro than six yoar, or by both such fine and imprisoninfnt. Tho partisan oharacter of the Attorney General's order is the first thing thut will strike the reader. "In cases of interference by Democratx with liepublican meetings," he says ; but nothing is said about the interference by Republicana with Democratie meetings. This order is tho first clear indication of the reversal of the administraron policy toward the South. Leniency and liberality haVe created no Republicans. Haviug tried tufts of grass to no purpose, the administraron has now detcrmined to see what virtuo there is in stones.


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