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Remarks By A Colored Brother In Georgia

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"Breddren, my 'sperience is dat it nin't de perfession of 'ligion, but de 'casional practico of it dat makcs a man 'ceptable tip yonder. When yer gits to de golden gato an' Peter looks yer right in de oye and yer shows him yer long creed an' says, pompons like, dat yer 'longed ter de big 'Piscopalian clmrch, de 'Postle '11 shake his head an' say, ' Dat ain't nuff ter get yer throngh.' But if yer takes all yer bilis nnderer arm, yer grocer bilis an' yer rent bilis, an' lic looks 'em over an' flnds 'em all receipted, hc'll say, ' Yer title's clear,' an' unloek de gate an' let yer pitch yer voioo for de angels' song. Bu. 'tain't no nse ter trabble along dat narrer patli 'less yer can kerry, folded up in yer creed, a good rec'mcnclation from yer creditors. Hebben ain't no place fur a man who has to dodge roun' a corner fur fear ob meetin' some one who'll ask fur dat little bill dat nebber was paid."


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