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The Spelling Bee At Angel's

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Wallz in, waltz in, ye little lpds, and gather round And drop thcm books and tirst pot hooks, and heav a yarn froni 1116. I kin no't sling a fairy tale of Jimiy's fierco. and wild. For I hold it is unchristian to deceive a BÜnple Bnt. as 'f rom school, yer driftin' by, I thowt you'd like ÍO hear . Of a"8pellin' Bee" at Angel's that wc orgamzed last ycaj p a Itwarn'tmtóeup oL gentle kide- oL pretty kids- like ynu. Bnt gents" ez lied their refriar growth, and somt; enough for two. Tlicre woz Lanky Jim of Suttcr's Fork, and Bilson ot Lagrange. Aud " Pistol Bob,1 wlio wore, mat day, a Km y way of cbange. Yon start, jou little kids; you think these are not pretty niuu-s. But Mcb íiad a man behind it. and- my name is Truthful James. ïhar was Poker Diek trom Whisky Flat, and Smitu of Shooter's Bend, And Broten of Calaveras- wliich I want no bettet friend. Tliree-niigered Jack- yes, pretty dears- three fingors- 1011 bavo live. Clapp rut aft two- ifs sing'lar. too, that cnapp ain't now alive. 'Twas very wrong, indeed, my dears, and Clapp was nraili to biame: Likcwise was Jack, in after years, for shootin' of that sami The nights was kinder lengthenin' out, the rains had jest begnn, When all the camp came up to Pete's to have their usual f un: Bnt we all sot kinder sad like aronnd the bar room stovo Till Sinitk got up, permiskiss-like, and this remark he hoye : '■ Thar's a new game down in Frisco, that. ez far ez I kin see, Beats euchre, poker and van toon, they calis the ' Spellin' Bee.' " Then Brown of Calaveras simply hitched his chair and spake: " Poker is good enough for me," and Lanky Jim kcz. ■ Shake !" And Bob allowcd he warn't prond, but he 't must say rigllt thar That the' man who taekled euehre lied his edueation squar.' This brou.L'ht up Lehnj Faircliild, the school-master. who said He knew tlie game, and he would give instructious on that head. "For instance, take some simple word,1' sez he, ' like f separate." Now who can spell it';" Dog my skin cf thar was one in eight. This set the boys all wild at once. The chaira was put in row, Aud at the head was Lanky Jim. and at the foot was Jol ; __ And hisrh upon tlio bar itHclf the scbool-master was raisect. And the bar-keep put IJs glassee down, and sat and silent gazed. U fJl II. The first word out was -'parallel," and seven let it lili Joe waltzed in his dotible " 1" betwixt the " a" and " e;'1 For, sinie hc drilled them Mciicans in San Jacinto's Thar warn't 110 proudcr man got up than Pistol Joe that night - Till '■ rhythin" came. He triul to sniilc, Uien said, ■ tiirv had hrm thcré'1 And Lanky Jim, vrith one long stride. got up and took his chair. O little kids my pretty kids, Hwas touchin" to sur vey These bearded men. with w eppings on, like schoolboys at their play. Tliey'd lausrii witli glee, and shout to see each other had the van, And Bob sat up as monitor, with a cue for a rattan, Tül the Chair gave out " incinérate," and Brown said he'd be durned If any such blamed word as that in school was ever leamed. ■When "phthisis" they sll sprong p, ana voved the man who rnng Auother blamed Oreek word on them bo taken out and huns. As they sat down again I saw in Bilson's eye a flash, And Brown of Calaveras was a-twistin.' his mintache. And when at last Brown slipped on " gneiss" and Bilson took his chair. He dropped some casual words aböut some folka who dyed their liair. And then the Chair grew very white, and the Chaii said he'd adjourn. But Poker Dick remarked that he would wait and get bis turn; ïlien with a trembBn' voice and hand. and with i waiulerin' eye. Tlie Chair next offered "eider-duck," and Dick be gan with " I," And Bilson smiled- then Bilson shrieked. Jus how the flght begun I nevcr knowed, for Bilson dropped and Dick h moved up one. Then certain gents arose and said " they'd busines: down in camp," And " ez the road was rather dark, and ez the nigh was damp. They'd"- here got up ThreeFingcred Jack, anc locked the door and veilt l: " No, not one mother's sou gops out till that tha word is spelled!" But, while the words were on his lips, he groanei and sank in pain. And sank with Webster on his chest and Worceste on his brain. Below the liar dodged Poker Dkk. anti tried to look ez ho Was huntin' np anthorities thet no one elge could And Brown got down bohind the ptov. allowin' hc ■■ wafi cold.'1 - 0f w flAfJ Tül it upnot, and down his legs the einders freely rollen: ' And stviral gents called "Order!" fill, in his simple way, Poor Kmith bepan with "O" '; R"- "or"- anrt he ivas draggcd away. O, little kida, in y pretty kids. down on your knees and pray 1 You-ve ftot your eddication in a peaceftil Kort of way ; . And bear ín minl.'thar may bc naarps oz slinirs thelr sppllin' scjuaro. But likcwir slinks tlieir bowic-knives without a tliouírhfor care - You wants tb know the rest. my dears 5 Thet's all ! In me you see The only gent that lived to tel] abont thet Rpellin' Boe! He ceaHeci and passed. that trnthful man: the ehildren went their way With downc-ast heads and downcast hearts- but not t(5 sport or play . For when at evc the lamps wrro lit. and supperless to beil Each child was snt. wlth taska nndone and lessons all unsaiil. No man miht know the awful woe that thrüled their youtliful framee, Ae they dreamed of Angel's Spelling Bee and thought oi Trnthful James.


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