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Gbot'nd Tea. - A Freneli cheniist asserts tliat if ten be ground liko coffee, immediately before hot water is poured upon it, it will yield nearly doublé the amount of its exhilarating qualities. Cleaning Sil ver Dook-Plaets. - To clean silver door-plates, use a weak solution of ammoñia in -water, applied ! with a wet rag. This wash is equally wonderful for silver píate and jewelry. Ants. - It is alleged that alum water is good, or, ratlier, bad for ants. Brush all the crevices which tliey inhabit with hot alum water, and sprinkle pulverized bórax frecly wherever they are most numeroup. Fireproof Garments. - A 5 per cent. solution of phosphate of ammonia will render goods into which it is rubbed perf ectly fire-proof . Even if gunpowder is exploded on goods thus treated, they will only ehar, not blaze. Bat Poison. - The Germans extírpate rats by furnishing them with cakes made of two parte sqúills and three parts chopped bacon, and meal enongh to make a stiff mass. The rats go away, as any animal of taste naturally would if provided with such a meal. A very good fumigating powder for the sick-room may bo prepared by mixing equal parts of cascarilla powder, camomile flowers and anise seed. Sprinkle a very little on a shovel of hot coals and carry the shovel into every part of the room to be fumigated. To remove putty from glass, dip a small brush in nitric or muriatic acid, and with it paint over the dry putty that adheres to the broken glasses and frames of the windows. After an hour's interval the putty will have become so soft as to be easily removable. Furnítuke Polisu. - One pint of linseed oil, one wineglass of alcohol ; mix well together ; apply to the cloth with a linen rag; rub dry with a soft cotton cloth, and polish with a silk cloth. Furniture is improved by washing it occai sionally with soapsuds. Wipe dry, and i rab over with a very little linseed oil upon a clean sponge or flannel. Fine Cologne Wateii. - Take alcoI hol at eií?htv-fivc dea., ten quarts, íolve in it essence of neroli petit gram, liiilf an ounce ; essence oí rosemary, two xm a half drachms; essence oflavender, one drachm and a quarter; cssenoe of elove, half a draehm; essence of peppertnint, half a di-aehm ; essence of bergamot, twelvo and a half drachms ; lemon, fcwelveand a half drachins; essence of Portugal, seven and a half drachms; tincture of benzoin, one drachm and a half. Apple Pik. - Pare and qnarter enongh tart npples to lay loosely in the prepared paste; the quarters should not touch one another. Fill the paste two-thirds full of thin, sweet cream, then sprinkle over one spoonful of fionr; butter as large as a walnut, ent in bits. Sugar (if a conimon pie tin is used), two-thirds teacupful. Grate nntmeg over the whole, as no other flavoring gives the peculiar excellent taste. Bake slow ; if a brown crust forms over the top before the apples ook, stir it undov with a knife. If it is not pronounced splrndid, the fault vri.ll be with the apples or not following the direction. To Color Scablet with Cochineal. For one pound of yarn or cloth take pure, soft, hot water, sufficient to cover the goods, and add one ounce of cream of tartar; wlun dissolved, add one ounce of cochinral well pnlvevi."("l, and two minees of nniriate of tin ; bring the dye to a boiling h(;at, put in the goods, and boil for thirty minutes, stirring the goods while boiling. A good color froni cochineal depends much upon everything beingclean. The goods, if dirty, slmuld be washed with soap and water, and al! ways well rinsed in pure soft water be! fore putting into the dye, and vhen taken ont of the dye the goods shouU be well washed in pure soft water, anc dried in the shade. The düh containing the dye should be copper or brass and very clean.


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