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For Governor - ORLANDO M. BARNES, of Iiighain. Kor Lieutenant-Governor - ALFRKD P. SWINKFOKD, of Marqm-tt.-. For Secretary of State- GEORGE H. MURDOCII, of Berricn. For Stato Treasurer - ALEXANDER McFARI.AN, of Gcnenee. For Auditor-General - WM. T. B. SCHERMKRIIORN, of Lenawee. For Attorney-General- ALLEN B. MORSK, of Ionia. For Commissioner of the State Land Office- (iEORUE H, LORD, of Bay. For Superintendent of Public Instruetion - ZELOTES TRUESDKL, of Oskland. Kor Member of the State Board of lxiucation - EDWIN F. L'HL, of Kent. For Representative in Uongress- IRA B. CARI), of Hillsdalc. i.i:; im. n v i: tickkt. For Senator- JOHNL.BOHUSIGH. For Repreaentatives - let District- JOHN S. HENDERSON. ld District- WILLIAM MIRRAY. 3d District- JOHN J. ROBISON. COUNTY TICKET. For Sheriff- JOSIAH S. CASE, of Manchester. For County Clerk- VETER TüITE, of Dextor. Kor Register of Deeds - CHARLES H. MAN LY, of Ann Arbor. For County Treasurer - MATTHEW GENSLEY, of Freedom. For Prosecuting Attornev - CHARLES R. WHÏrMAN, of Ypsilanti. Kor Circuit Court Commiasioners - HOWARD STKl'HENSON. of Ypsilantil'ATRICK McKERNAN, of Ann Arbor. For County Siirveyor- GEORGE T. CLARKE, of Ann Arbor. For Coroners - M A RTIN CLARK, of Ann A rbor. FRANK JOSLIN, of Y'psilanti. Vote early and then " stick a sharp stick" iu your tardy neighbor's riba and spur him up to his duty. Qeoroe H. Murdoch is the man to vote for for Secretary of Stato. He will make a No. I officer. The way to insure a Domocratic victory next Tuesday is to see that the full Democratie vote of your ward or townahip is polled. Look out for split or bogus tickets. To be eure of voting for the candidatos of your choice read every name on the ticket given you. The moneys of the State and all its financial interests may safely be confided to Alexander McFarlan. Vote for him for Treasurer. Charles R. Whitíian has beeu making an active campaign throughout the county, and we hear a favorable report of his meetings and speeches. One tote has elected many a candidato. Don't stay away from the polls on Wednesday next and risk the responsibility of defeating a single Democratio candidato. Qeoroe Lobd is just the man to vote for Commissioner of the State Land Office. His ffrst-class business qualifioations are just what are needed in that important Btate office. Hon. Ira B. Card had a good audience at Chelsea on Monday evening, and we are advised that his speech was an able discussion of the financial issues and gave great satisfaction. Tnis IS what the Pontiao BUI Poster says, " No Demoorat who voted for Tilden and honest money two years ago can afford to vote the Greenback ticket to-day." True, every word. At TnE last the Begüter puts up the Republican ticket,- omitting, by mistake or otherwise, the name of Hon. A. J. Sawyer, the nominee for Representativo in this district. Our neighbors should exercise a littlo more care. ALFRED P. Swtneford is a sound Demoorat, a good fellow, a tried legislator, and an editor : four good and sufficient reasons why any Democrat should vote for him for Lieutanant Governor, and also why he should be elected. The Democrats of the Second district have nominated William Murray, of Salem, for Representativo in the State Legislatura. He is an intelligent, thrifty farmer, and if electod will vote on all measures in the interest of his constituents. Don't fail to vote for William T. B. Schermerhorn for Auditor-General. His political opponents concede hia fitness for that very responsible office an office iu which both good sense and sturdy honeBty should be found in the incumbent. Josiah S. Case has for two years discharged the duties of Sheriff faithfully, promptly, and intelligently,- givin, so f ar as we can learn, satisfaction to court, bar, and clients. He is entitlod to and should receive the full Democratie vote of the county on Tuesday next. Be stjre that you do not vote a ticket over some name on which a " slip" has boen gummed without your knowledge, or which has been printed to deceive you. Every voter has an undoubted right to vote for whotn he pleases, bot it is also his right to know liow he votea. John S. Henderson is the Democratie candidato for Representativo in the First district of this county. He made a capital run two years ago, and if the Democrats all give him their votes he is sure to be elected next Tuesday. Ho will make an intelligent and safe logislator. IT is tjnnecessray to every advise Democrat in the Third Representative district to vote for John J. Robison. Not a man will cut him. Mr. Robison has been tried and proved as a legislator, and in other important official positions. His record is a good one. Of oourse his electiou may bo considered a certainty. m i i M i i i ■ - Charles R. "Whitman is entitled to the voto of every Democrat for Prosecuting Attorney. He is a good lawyer,- active, energetic, and thorough-going, - and will intelligently discharge the varied, important, and delioate duties of the office. His nomination was one every way fit to bo made, and his eleotion ii secure if Demoorats give him thir votes. Vote for Whitman. The citizens living along the line of the Toledo and Ann Arbor Railroad complain that Hon. Edward Willits, membcr of Congress trom this district, and candidato for re-election, has given no aid for the establishment of a mail route over that road. Their petitions have been given the go-by, shelved.pertiaps, until after election, putting the most charitablo construction upon bis neglect. Those interested have the remedy in their own hands. Let ttiem vote for Ira B. Card and hereafter thi'y will have a Representativo who will give prompt attention to their wishes. As A CITIZEN and business man Oki. mui M. Barnes, Democratie candidato for Governor, ranks with the best men in the State. As a lawyer he is the peer of the best men in that profession. As a politician he has always been true to his convictious, to bis party, and to the people. To these qualities he also adds the culture and Bcholarship, the executive and financial ability, which combine to inake him an eminently fit man to take the helm of this great State and adoiinister its affaire during the coming two years. Vote for Orlando M. Barnes. There are hundreds of Republicans in tbia county who have not hesitated to say that, in their opinión, Florida and Louisiana voted for Tilden and Hendricks, and that the votes of thoso States were fraudulently couuted for Hayes and Wheeler, making one President and the other Vico President of the United States. Is it not the duty of such Republicans to show their condeinnation of such fraud by giving their votes to Ira B. Card ? A vote for Willits will be taken all tbxough the land as a vote of approval. Peter Tüite has made an efficiënt and correct Clerk during the last four years : keeping the records and papers in his office in the best of order. His nomination for a third term was an unusual compliment, a commendation of the manner in which he had discharged the duties of tbat important office. Xo Democrat should refuse to vote for him for the reason that a convention saw fit to give him a nomination for a third ierm, or beoause sonie friend was not nominated. Vote for Peter Tuite. Charles H. Manly is the Democratie candidato for Register of Deeds. He has been tried in that capacity and his fitness fully proved. It is not an office to experiment with, - the interests arO too vital. Correct records are necessary to give the owner of a farm or of a house and lot confidence in bis title. By the re-election of Manly the land-buyer and land-seller may rest confident that so far as the Register's office is concerned it will make a correot report. Act 190 of the session laws of 1877 prohibits the selling or giving away of any spirituous, vinous, or malt liquors on the day of any election held within this State, and makes it the duty of sh orina, marshals, oonstables, and pólice officers to close all houses or places found violating the provisions of such act. Zelotes Truesdkl, Democratie candidato for Superintendent of Public Instruction, is just the man for that office. A gradúate of the University and an experienced teacher with rare executive ability he will be sure to do good work in the interest of all the educational institutions of the State. The priinary and graded schools need just such a man at the head of the educational department. Allen B. Morse is the man for every Democrat to vote for for Attorney-General, and for every citizen of every party who thinks that an Attorney-General should know something of law or have energy enough to discharge his duties and protect the legal rights of the State. The State has sadly wanted such an Attoruey-General for years. Vote for Allen B. Morse. Forgettino that trite saying of Abraham Lincoln, " It is not best to swap horses while crossing a stream," the National-Greenbackers of the Third Congressional District have bounced John B, Dawson and now Hon. George Willard leads their valiant hosts to victory or defeat. The Register ventures an opinión that as this district gave Mr. Murray's opponent over 300 majority two yoars ago, " it is not likely that he will have an opportunity to wheedle the Legislature of Michigan into issuing greenbacks." Had not our ootemporary better wait until the votes are counted. For nearlt two years Matthew Gensley has held the office of County Treasurer. Two annual settlements have been made with him, and his accounts have been found correct, which is good and sufficient reason for his renomination and re-election. Vote for Gensley. As usual for many years blanks will be sent from the Arous office to each town and ward in the county, with a view to getting early and correct election returns. We hope that one of the clerks of the election at each poll will comply with the request on the blank, HO that the figures we got may be relied upon. Edwin F. Uhl should reoeive a Iarge vote for member of the State Board of Education, especially in Washtenaw County. He has the eduoation, ability, energy, and taste to make a most valuable member of that Board. His old neighbors and friends should give him their votes without distinotion of party. Martin Clark and Frank Joslin will make model Coroners.and will take special ploasure in holding a politie! inquest on Wednesday next over the victima of misplaced confidence now running for office in this county. Vote for them. % Messrs. Wuitman and Manly will speak at Buroh's school house, in Superior, to morrow evening. Every one in that vioinity should go and hear them. The day laborer is told that with an inflation of the currency higher wagea and better times will come, and the National-Greenback orator cites him to thé flush times oi' the war as proof of the statement. In 1864 the day laborer received $1.50 cents a day, - now the ruling price is $1,00. In 1864 a day's wages would buy tliree yards of ootton cloth, - now it will buy twelve yards of the same goods. In 1864 it would buy four yards of prints, one yard of merino, one and-a-half yards of alpaoa and other dress goods in proportion, - now it will buy tuteen yards of prints, one and-a-half yards of merino, and two yards of alpaoa. In 1864 it would buy three lbs. of A coffee sugar, - now it will buy ten lbs. of the same sugar. In 1861 it would buy one lb. of tea, - now it will buy three lbs. of the same grade. In 1SU4 it would buy loss than two lbs, of Java coffee, - now it will buy nearly fov-r Iba. of the best Java. And so through the list of household supplies. Summing up, the day laboror eau buy now with $11,41 cents, or tho wages of but eleven days work, what would have oost him in 1864, $38 04, or the wagos of twenty-four days' work. Mechanics who get higher wagea will suffer in the same proportion. Reineinber these figures when invited to vote for the National-Qreenback ticket and inflation on Tuesday next. Like the Frenchman - our neighbor of the, Courfcr is " very tuooch disgoost" beoause a Democratie Couvention held in this city last week preaumed to nominate William Murray, of halein, as a candidato for Representativo in the State Legislature, and a full column of spftce in bis last issue cramped his wailings of distress. It ia too bad that our neighbor couldn't have dictated the candidato. That would have suited him next to the conveation " throwing up the spongo" and leaving Bro. Sawyer to " play a lone hand." As it is, he hopes that a few Demócrata will gladly accept hia view of the matter, hold Murray's nomination a political crime, and make it an excuse for voting for the Republican candidato. If a Democrat really wishes to do so foolish a thing, almost any excuse will answer him ; but the same Demoorat would probably have gratified our neighbor by voting against any other Democratie candidate: especially if thern was any prospect or danger of his election. It is sad that the suprema dictator of one party can't succeed in manipulating all the conventions of the other. In the Congres of 1S62 the Democratie uiembers voted solidly against the original legal tender act. Oeorge H. Pendieron, the father of the " Ohio Idea," and Daniel W. Voorhees, the demi-god of those Michigan Demócrata who swear by the "Indiana platform," were both members of that Congress, both pronounced the bill unconstitutional, and both voted against it. The Tho Supreme Court, every Democratie judge concurring, so held, and it was a packed court which reversed the decisión. These being the facts of history, what Democrat oan join the National Greenback party, admit that the Republicana were right in 1862 and succeeding years and the Democrats wrong, and declare by his vote that Congress can make paper money a legal tender, Ínflate and contract the currency at will.raise and depresa prioes and interfere with the financial interests of evory citizen. The power to issue an irredcemable paper currency is fraught with danger and nothing but danger. Condeiun it by your vote on Tuesday next. W. L. Fawcett, in hia recent work "Gold and Debt, an Amerioan handbook of Finance," aays: "Paper money has no intrinsio valué, but only a prospectiva oue, viz., the prospect of redemption. It is, therefore, impossible for paper money to be a standard of values. It may appear to be so, but in reality the values tbat seein to be measured by a 'paper money standard' are measured by the gold and silver standards, modified by the prospect of redemption of the paper money. The paper money prioe of anything ia only the gold or silver price with an allowance made for the uncertainty of ever getting the gold and silver promised in the paper money." And the Greenbacker or "fiutist" should bear in mind that whethcr issued by the Government or a banking Corporation the same unalterable law will fix the value of the paper dollar : "its prospect of redemption." Inconvertible nnd irredeemable paper will always and inevitably prove a snare and a delusion, and the stamps of all the governments on earth can make it notbing else. Hokatio Seymour saya that the navigation laws must be aménded and commerce encouraged, and that the prohibition against the purchase of foreign built ships must be removed both in the interest of the producer and the carrying trade, before permanent business prosperity may be expected. If that is your opinión give your vote to Ira B. Card, Democratie candidate for Congress, and not to Edwin Willits, who is tbe candidate of a party whioh favors the cramping of commeroe by a tarift' which sweeps Amerioan ships from the ocean. Ejjthcsiastic politicians should bear in mind that at the last aesaion of the Legislature a law was enaoted (No. 175) imposing a penalty - fine or imprisonment or both - for betting on the result of any election, solling pools, holding stakes or wagers, registering pools, bets wagors, etc. If over $100 the fine may reach $1,000 and a year in jail ; if not exceeding $100, the fine may be $100 and three montha in jail. " Stand fram under." Georoe T. Clarke is the Demooratic candidate for County Surveyor. and a very good surveyor is he. Kloet him and you may rest sure that he will do exact justice bet ween neighbors in running their división lines. Tuk uk is not a weak spot in the Demccratio State ticket. Every Democrat can safely refuse every offer of a 11 slip" and vote the ticket as it is printed- from Baknes to UnL inclusivo. TllERE is absolute intrinsic value n the gold or silvor coin, and that value changes but a mere fraction in a series of years, - unless tho Governmont issuing it perpetrates a fraud or commits a crime by debasing it. The value in the treasury or bank note is not intrinsic, and a government stamp, unacconipanied by a promise of redemption or conversión into coin, oan give it no value. "Fiat"' money, though made a legal tender, would so depreoiate in value that a hat full wouldn't buy a meal of victuala foj a starving inan ; and the producer or day-laborer would gain nothing by having the price of his grain or toil raised in fluch a fictitious and false measure of values. Let every voter remember these indisputable fínancial truths when askcd to vote the National-Greenback ticket. Horatio SEYMOUU, a man whom the Demócrata of his State aud of the natior have delighted to honor, aays, " I do not believe that we can havo a good currency that is not redeemable in coin.'' And any Greenbacker who favors a redeemablo currency should vote the Democratie ticket, - should vote for Ira B Gard for Uongresa, and not for L. H. Thomas. ■■ Howard Steimlexsox and Patriok' McKerxax are the Democratio candidates for Circuit Court Commissionera. Don't scratch off the name of either just because some adept at button-holing asks you to vote for one of the Republican nominees. We have inquired into the report referred to last week that an effort was being made to cut Ira B. Card in certain quarters, becanse of hi sdenominational connection, and we are glad to learn that there is no ground for it. He will get his full vote. Owing to the prevailing stormMesBrs. Card and Richmond did not speak at Saline last Friday evening. They will, however, give the citizens of -that place some sound Democratie talk to-morrow evening. JOHJf L. Burleigh is the Democratie candidato for Senator. Vote Tor Demócrata lor Congress. There is one poiut which every elector in the State wants to hear in mïnd when he casts his vote forCongressman. Whatever may happen in Michigan.the next House of Represontatives is so sure to be Democratie that the most enthusiastie Republicana have long sinco given up all hope of a contrary result. The Senate will also be Democratie. Whatever attention, therefore, the intere8ts of Michigan receive from the Democracy. Every vote cast for a Democratie candidato for Representativo is a vote to have the interests of the State coufided to one who will, if elected, belong to the inajority and have influence with the majority. Every vote cast for a Republican cunditate is a vote to intrust the State's interests to the minority. Let every voter in the State think of this on his way to the ballot-box, and vote for the Democratie candidate for Congreas. - Detroit Free Prcas. The election in Ohio pointaa valuable lesaon to the Demócrata. A year ago the Demócrata eleoted their Governor by 22,600 majority. Thia year the greenback división drew enough votes from the Democratio party to give the State to the Republicana by from 8,000 to 10, 000 majority. Had the Demócrata voted the democratie tioket instead of the the greenback ticket, thoy would have carried the State by a good majority, as well as electing as many if not more Cougressmen than they have now. The moral is, Domocrats voto tho democratio ticket and elect it. - Ilillsdale Democrat.


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