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GET YOUE PROPERTY INSUEED BY C. H. MILLEN, Insurance Agent No. 4 South Main Street, ANSÍ A lt HOK. - MICH. The oldest agency in the city. Established a quarter of a ceiitury ago. UepreHeutiiig the followmg first class compaaies : Home Insurance Co. of N. Y., Assets over 56,000,000 Continental Inn. Co. of N. Y., AssetB over $3,000,000 Niágara Fre Ins. Co., N. Y., AsKta $1,442,400 Girard ot Pa., Assets over $1,000,000 Oriënt of Hartford, Assets $700,000 Rates low. I,owu?s liberally adjustcd and proiuptly ptüd. 1700 C. H. MILLEN. Marble Works ! -OFANTOIM EISELE.. Corner Detroit & Cittharino Sta. - dealers Hl - Monuments & Gravestones M:iuufactured of Foreigu and American GBANITE and MAKBLK. CUT IHILI)l.(Al)ABTiFiri.UST(lXE Manufftcturcd ön nbort notioe. Prices low aad work wurranted to give Atiut'aotion. I689yl Cream Lald Letter and Packet Note Heads and Linen Fibre Note Ueadt ( Packet and Conyrett) Jut recelved. Give us your order. FÜRNITÜRE! JOHN KECK, MANUFACTURER OF FURMTURE OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, Are non Offrrlng Oreat Inducemeiits (o Parchasen. BUYERS WILL SAVE MONEY BY BUYINQ THEIR FÜRNITÜRE Direct of the Miinufaetiirers. Manufactory, corner of William and West Fourth Streets. Salesrooms, 52 Soutli Main and 4 West Liberty Streets, Ann Arbor, Mich. m5 Tl Tl fl fTlbuainiwa 70U can enaage in. ii to $20 li I per üny mude by any worker uf cither 11 Pul I az, rightinthvirowulocitlitlua. l'nrUJJU 1 ticuluri Hinl Hiimple WOrlll .'. fret). Iinprove your ipare time at thia busioesd. Addreas Stimsom & Co., Porlland, Uaine. 50,000 Letter and Nobe Heads Just recelved at the AltfUS Office. Now U the time to liund lu your order.


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