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- The Rev. Talmage has been doing New York under the care of the pólice, and each Sunday evening tells his Brooklyn Tabernacle congregiition, in a combined sensational, theatrical, farcical, and tragical way, a portion of the things he saw, - in gambling hall, dance hall, dfiuking saloon, etc. His marnier of reproducing the scènes which so "shocked" him does not seem to shock his hearers in the least, and his climaxes and anti-climaxes receive the same applause which is given the atar actor in a low comedy troupe. For all of which dispeii8ing with the gospel he gets 112,000 a year. - "Is it not heil for any humau ntortul to be ashamed of himeelf ? " was the (juestion Rev. Wm. Lloyd, of the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, N. Y., asked last Sunday eveniug, at the close of a discourse, in which he repudiated a heil of eternal physical punishment. He " believed that sinners suffered for their sius on earth and in the uext world as well ;" but denied that " God bad declared that sinners should suffer everlaeting physical torment," or that "heil, as a place for such punishment was spoken of in the Bible or the New Testament." - Aehrewd tnck: that iracticed by the owners of the Lee farm gate patent upou a certaiu lawyer and ex-judge who don't live a hundred miles from this city. They insisted on retaining him as one of their attorneys, tlien gave him a receipt against any peualties he might have incurred by using the gate, and after that rtported that he had looked mto the matter and corapromised with thein. This was the inducemeut for farmers not lawyers to compromise and save costs of suit. - Ihelollowmg books have been added to the Ladies' Library : In the Wildernees, by Charles Dudley Waruer ; Hours with Men aud Books, by W. Matthews ; Lectures on Preachiug, by Philip Brooks ; Coutariua Fleminiug, Alroy, Heurietta Temple, Ixiom, The Young Duke, Vivían ofrey, and Venetia, all by Disraeli ; Bits of Home Travel, by H. H.; Pillone, and Maid KUiee. - The Kev. Dr. Slicer, ot the Park Congregational Churoh, N. Y., took for his subject last Sunday evening, " How St. Paul views Talmage's Exploratious," and in its discussion asked these pertinent questions : "Need a man examine sewers to luid good f Need he go into a dungeon and let all the slimy reptiles of filtli creep over him, that he may teil what he has seen PM - Preferrinu the iefeat of Brewer to that of himself, Julius Cfosar Burrows, the "Columbian Orator" and great majority-smaeher, leaves his own district aud goes into that ot the tornier to make his speeches. Sensible at the last. - lt is not Bafe to bet on the result of the c oming election ; orto give a huiigry voter a meal of victuaïs, especially f you are a candidate for office.


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