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Frof. Ulney, of thia city, President of the State Teachers' Association and chairmau of the Executive Committee has issued the following circular to teachers, superintendents, school officera, meinbeis of the coming Legislature, and citizens generalij : It is propoaed to devote Friday of this sespion to tho consideration of the Uondition and Need8 ot our Rural and ungraded Schools. The plan is to have the followiug topics introduced by competent persons in short addresses, and then thrown open to general conerence. We wish all to give these subjecta aref ui atteution, and come prepared to take mrt in the conference. This slip is sent out hus early in order to giye time for investigaion and thought. May we not hope that sucb a conference will develop something which will give new efficiency to this important part of our educational work ? Teachers, Townhip Superintendente, former County Superineudeuts, citizens interested in onr educational fork, and especially members of our next jegislature, are earnestly invited to be present nd take part in these deliberations. The following are the topics as far as deided upon: 1. Are our Rural and Ungraded Schools Beuring such results iu the ordinary branches ow taught in them as might reasonably be xpected ? 2. It is expedient to add to the studies now enorally pursued in these schools, other topos, such lor example as United States History, National Science or Natural History, Drawing, r the Elementa of Geometry. 3. Is an undue amount of time devoted to ny of the subjects now taught in these schools? 4. Is there any better or closer relation pracicable between these schools and our graded chools ? ó. What can be done to secure greater perïanence in the work of the common school oachers ? Is a consolidation of thesessions of he school year practicable 't Is pensioning racticable F Would higher wages do it P 6. What is the best practicable system of upervision for these schools ? 7. What are the best moans to be used for mproving the teachers of these schools 't Bdw. Olnet, President of Asso. and Chair'n of Ex. Com, The session is to be held at Lansing, Decemer 25-27. Gen. Butler keeps pounding on the ime old tom-tom and declaring that ie Federal government should possess ie same power to protect an American citizen at home that it does abroad. When he claimed to be a Democrat he of oourse knew that the people of the States created a general government for the very purpose of dealing with foreign powers as they oould not do themselves. When they were at home, they thought they couM take care of themselves. Why does not the Federal government interfere to make every American oitizen in Rhode laland a voter also 'i - Botton Poit.


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