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Repeal Of The Resumption Act

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The National party have made the repeal oi' that act their main issue, and from every stump their speeches have proclaiined that its repeal was certain if their candidates tor Congress were elected. Tho act takes effect the first of Jauuary next. It is certain the present Congress will not .lepeal it, and the elections already held has established the fact that the next Congress will not, because if the Democracy should favor it the Republicana could prevent its passage over the President's veto. Thon why bhould Democrats further affiĆ¼ate with the Nationals on that question, when the act has beconie irrevocable and the national bank question cannot be reached until after the next presideutial election. The resutnption quustion, since the result of the elections in Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Maine and West Virginia has beconie known, cannot be put to an issue, It would be just as sensible to oppose Abraham Lincoln's proclamation abolishing slavery, at the ballot box in this State in November, as it will be to vote the National ticket to effect the repeal of the resumption act. Both of these queations are settled and irrepealable. If the Nationale honestly iesire legislation for the people and not to enrich rings and bond holders, they wiU put a Democratie ticket in the ballot box. - Herrie Spnnffs Journal.


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