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senator Palmer, of Illinois, says : " There is a class ot' men whose folly suipasses that of any foolishness ever before extant. We try to use no harsh words, but no words are harsh as applied to the amazing stupidity, the utter blindness, the atrocious idiotey, of the Deinocrats who allow themselves to fall into the ' national ' trap sot for them by the Kepublioan leaders. Differ as men ruay about hard money, or soft money, or fiat money, it is certain that the financial system in vogue for the past sixteen years is utterly conderaned and repudittted by the whole people of the country. It is also certain that this system oannot be altered, improved, or aboliahed until the present dominant party is driven trom power by the votes of the people." Mr. Mantón Marble emerges froin beneath the fuel pile. He comes out with a bold front and equally.bold declaration. He charges that the telegrama sent froni Tallahassee, and ascribed to him, are forgeries. He denies that ho ever contemplated the purchase of any Florida elector, or that he ever discussed such a proposition. The New York Tribune has dared Mr. Marble to make any explanation of the affair, and now that he has given a flat denial of the authorship of the dispatches the Tribune raust occupy a rather ridiculous position. - Cincinnati Enquirer. ThatSamuel J. Tilden honestly carried Florida is conceded on all sides since the McLin confession. The vote was given to Hayes, and the Republicana now claim that the canvassers were not only approachable, but actually approached with bribes. It niay be shown, or it may not be, that Mr. Tilden's aents, without his authority or with it, offered to buy the Canvassing Board in whole or in part. But whether it is shown or not, the fact that a board confessedly venal decided contrary to the facts and the law is as conclusivo evilence as the people want that the vote of Florida was bought for Hayes.- Free Press. If Secretary Shernian decides to releem the greenbacks, when presented, n the legal tender silver dollar, he míII aot be called on probably for any ex;ended labors in the way of redemption. Kt the present market price of bullion, :he actual valué of the legal-tender dolar, considered as metal, is 83 14-100 :ents in gold.- Free Press,


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