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FIANJiÍyyiERITNING done at the _ AD7ERTISE - IN THE - ARGÜS. "piNSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY, GROCERY - AND - PLOÜR & FKKÜ STOK IS. We keep eonatantly on mind, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKK8, ETC, FOR WHOLESALE and KKTAIL TKADE. We ahall also keep a aupply of DELHI FLOUR, J. M. SWIFT & CO'S BEST WHITE WHEM FLOUR, RYE FLOUit, BUCKWWHEAT FLOUR, (JORNMKAL, FEED, fcc. Sec. At wholeaale ana retuil. A general stock of GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS oonetantly on hand, which will be sola on as reaonable terms as at any otber house in tbin city. Caah paid for Butter, Eggs, and Conntry I'roInce generally. I" Goods deliveron o any part of the city with out extra charge. niNSBV A; 8GABOLT. Ann Arbor, Jan. 1. 1878. 1564 THE GREAT ENGLISH KEMEDY! GRAY'S SPECIFIC MEDICINE TRADEMARK.Ia e8pecia]ly TR ADE MARK A::NMk oinmended as an &Z&mSk jSH?junfiulingeiirefor w " yW-'Wfr Semin1' Ip2a ■p„iU T-V4 _Self Abuse; aSSggST' iJetore TaMngLulj8 0F MEao-After Taking. RY, UNIVEB8AL LA88IXUDK, Pain In THE BACK, 1)IMNE88 of Vision, Premature Old Aoe, and many otherdisvaBes that lead to Insnnity, Consumptlou and a Prematnre Grave, all of which as a rule are lirst caused bj neviatinic from the path of nature and over indulgencu. The Speciflc Medicine is the result of a lita atudy and many years of ezperience in treating these .special diseases. Full particular in our pamphlets, whieh we dasire to send free by mail to every one. The Speciflc Medicine is sold by all Drugt;ists at $1 per package, or nix paokageB for 5, or will be sent by mail on reoeipt of the money by addressing THE URAY MEDICINE CO., 1074 No. 10 Mechanica' Block, Detroit Mich. i-8old in Ann Arbor by Eberbach & Bon, and by all druggisti ererywliera PURE GUM RUBBER BOOTS BeiDg free from adulterative mirtures, rril give longer service than commou Rubber Boots. Their greac popularity has led to many eheap mitations, haviog a Dpli. Finish, bu this 8eson the "CANDEE" CO. WILL VARNISH Their PURE GUM BOOTS, nd to distlnguish them from the common kind. wül attach RUBBER LABEL oa the front ot the leg, beftriog the inscription CUSTOM MADE. PURE GUM. These Boots have the Patent Metal Heel Plat e, which preventfl the heel wearing away ■o quiokly, and they will have also the patent Outside Stationary Strap Xnatead of the very ineonvenient web insld ■trap, used on other makes of Boots. ASK FOR THE GAmmw boot. TTOUSE AND LOT FOE SALE. Located in a desirable part of the city, nd in good repuir. Also a house to rent on favorable terms. Inquire at the Anou office, er 22 THOMSON STREET. Ann Arbor, llnrcl) 14, 1878. lG78tf.


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