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A Friendly Father

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A stern parent, so much dreaded by young and spoöny seróiïaders, is not always such a ferocious monster as he is generully rcpresented. Threc yonng gentlemen, accompanied by a gnitar, bogan singing sweetly under the window of a favored one, the other evening, when a d:irk object was seen to is' sue from tho corner of the house. It moved slowly and cautiously, and seemed to be armed. They were too much devoted to the art to break off in the middle of the strain which they wpre in at the time, so they held the fort tremblingly until jt was finished, and tlicii prepured to decamp hastily. This was interrupted, liowover, by the motions of the aforesaid object, who, now being neax euotigk to be scenmoro ojearly, beckoaed to them fvantieally, and whispprad; "Hold m, boys - don't be 'irade; irsme." And, sure enough, it was him, the father of the angel thcy had called to soronadc. He beokoned to the party to follow hirn aronnd to the sid( oï the honso, wliere he explained mattors as woll os he could nnder the ciicnmstanops. "l've been out a little tb-night, said he, " and I'm tryin'toget in the house without bein' heard." -


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