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Charges Against Gen. Pope

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Gen. John Gibbon, of the anny, has prefêrred chnrges against Gen. Pope for eonduct unbecoming an oflieer and a gentleman. The spccifieations against Pope are based on Iiis publication years ago of vhat lie entityed " A brief stateinent of tne case of ï'itz John Porter," contnining au extract from Stoiiewall Jackson's report of the military operations of the 30th of August, 1862. This date was ehangcd to the 29th, to the serious damage of Porter, by reason of its eonnecting with one date events that actually oceurrcd on another. Gen. McDowell has recently admitted, undfer onlli, fbat he furnished tho extraet to Po2)e, and subsequently was notified of the erroi of date. But he did not think it necessary to mako any eorviction of the mistake, although lic undcrstood it worked injustice to Porter. Another witness, Col. ï. H. C. Smith, has testifted on the Porter inquiry that he ealled Pope's attention to the error, notwithstanding which Pope eontinned tliereafter to circulato the pamphlet ■without naking the eovrection. This is the gravamen of Gibbon 's charges, which will not be pressed until after the pending Porter investigation is conoluded. The ease excites mnch interest araong army olïiccrs, especially in view of the natural inference that if the charge is sustained against Pope it must be against McDowell also, neither of them ha%'ing attempted to ando the wrong to Porter by correcting their own error. - Washington Cor. Chicago ínter Ocemt.


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