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His Strength Saved His Life

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On Thiirsday aftornoon a workman in MësSTS. Laird, Xorton & Co. 's saw mill, named Joseph Mitohell, savëd himsolt' irosa a frightíul accident. He was at work on on e of the. edgers whcn his sleeve oaught in a "live roller," and at once the garment was rapidly drawn into tïic iimchinery. Mitchiül saw at a glance the impending (langer. He braced himself, and, by main force, stood tlioro whilg his clothes were absohitely torn from liim, even to his boots and stockings, leaving only a strip of his pautaloons, about six inches wide, at his axtklè. Tt all occurred in less timethan it takes to teil it, and the men in the mili stood horrified at the sight. When Mitchell got througli tlio feai'fiil ordeal pe waa as pide as a ghost, and great beads of perepiration stood out npon his fuco. He had escaped with only a slight bruise, bnt the case would nndoubtedly have boen niucli worse had he not been a man of grent physical strength. - Winona (Minn.) Èepublican.


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