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Third-class Mail Matter

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The new plnn of registering thirdclass muil matter, wliich has been in operation tlirco weeks, has proved to be a great 8UCC68S, and reports from all directions show that its advnntages are appraciated by the public. The retaü merehants of the larger cities are using it to extend thoir trida throiigh the mails, wbich are cheaper and quite as rapid in delivery as the express eompanics. The New York merchante report that tlicir mail trede, now that the system of registration is adopted, will increase rapidly, and they are sending out tfeoüsands of catalogues and samiles to the smaller towns, whcre the advantages of prices and variety, in ladies' goods particularly, are not ofl'ered. The same is true of merchants in Western cities. Heretofore the trade by samples through the express companies has been large, but the charges for carriage were so high that thcre was no economy in a small parábase. Now a lady's silk dress can be sent throngh tho mail, regifitered, for 25 cents, and tho merchante, on even small purchases, can aftbrd to prepay postage, and thus a cnstonicr in a villago can have equal advantages in triuln with people who live in t-ities. Erom the re])orts already i(ï;cived the ineome of the Postoffice DcjJartment wiü be inercased by this new system. -


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