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A Plucky Woman

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Airs. Aume Kowe, the wifeof a farmer living near, Koselle, a suburb of Elizaboth, N. J., heard tlu dog which slept in lier barn-yard baxfcing furiously nt 2 oVlock yosterday morning. Her liusband boing away, sLe ran to the yard. As she passed into the bam-yard she saw a man coming out of the bavn, carrying two chickens, and she ordered him to stop. He dropped tlie chickens and began to run. Mrs. Rowe piirsued him, and, as one of his legs was partiaily paralyzed, she overtook him and caught him by the collar. When, in the chase, ho saw that Mrs. Kowe was gaining upon him, ho ariued himself wifli a heavy stick, and, when uhe caught him, he endoavored to ïrcr. hinisclf trom hor vise-likt' grip liv beatinghoron tlic arm. She soizcd tho stick, añil after a túsale succeeded in wrosting it from him. As he continucd to be refractory, Mrs. llowebrought him to torms by layingthe stick over his back. Having seeured hor prisoner, Mrs. Bowe was puzzled to know what to do wih him. Tho noarest pólice station was at Elizabeth, ten miles away, and she did not know how to gcthimthero. Oer liiisbund had taken the horse and wagon belonging on their fann away, and had not retunied with it. Mrs. Ilowe determined to borrow a team from a neighbor. She informed her prifloner of this, and, still armed with her stick, compelled him to walk with her to the nearesrt farm-house, wliere she could borrow a team. They were obliged to walk a mile Tefore they could fincl a farmer who would answer Mrs. llowe's calis. She finally secured i wagon and a horse, and compelled her prisoner to climb into the wagon. The neighbor aceompanied her, and, with the prisoner, they drove to Elizabeth. Arriving at the pólice station at 4 o'clock in the morning, she dèlivered the man over to Inspector Pfander. The prisoner was reeognizod as Charles Derr, an old ofï'ender, whose picture has been for a long time in the rogues' gallery. Yesterday morning later Mrs. Kowe returned to the pólice headquarters and made a formal charge against the prisoner. The Pólice Justice committed him to await action of the Grand Jury. - New York World.


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