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Yeasï.- Five potatpes, one cup of white sugar, four table-spoonfuls of flonr, with a littlc saït and ycast to raise it. Laykk Cake.- Three aapa of sugar, one cup butter, six eggs, four cups fiour, oni cup milk, four teaspoonfuls of yeast powder. Pickles. - Pickles should bc toucfied only with a dry spoon or ladle. A few drops of water, or the introduction of a wet spoon, will sometimos spoil the entire cóntents of a pickle jar. Soot and Salt. - Salt will remove soot from the carpets. Brush the soot off as much as is possible without rubbing it into the threads of the carpet, then scafter salt, and sweep with a stiff broom. Cleanixg Silk.- White or light silk may be cleaned by rubbing it on both sid'es with Indian meal, and curefully dusting it with a bit of silk or a fine handkerchief. The same procesa may be used on kid gloves. Indian Steam Löaf.- Two cups Indian meal and one cup waeat ñour, two cüps of sweet milk and one cup of sour milk, half cup of molas.sos and mie tcaspoonf ui of soda; to be .steanicd three hours, and is good hot or cold. Bki-.f Loaf. - One and one-half pounds of beafstèaÉ ohoppëd verf fine and froo IVoni gristle;two cupsof rolled cr:u-lavs ( iini') ; one cup of cold water ; one-half cup of butter; salt and pepper to suit the taste; bake till dom'. A STAIICH TO PltESERVK UOLR. - For starching muslins, gïtgnaïül and calicóes dissolvi' ;nd add to every pint of starch a pieee of alum the size of a shellbavk. By so doing. tin! colors will keep bright for a toog time, which is very desirnblo when dresses must be often waslied, and tfeew! is '""f 'ti'iiK-,


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