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That Was Only An Informal Ballot

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had on Tuesday. Balance in the State Treasury Nov. '2, $247,721.02, a decrease for the week of f53,563.63. The Board of County Canvassors will meet next Tuesday forenoon at the office of the County Clerk. We iiaye met the enomy and are their's. We don't exactly like that way of coming out of a contest, but such is fate. " Ploughino with the Greenback heifer": tbat's what was the matter with the Deinocracy in Michigan and other States on Tuesday last. In 1876 the total vote in this county was 9,717. Last Tuesday the vote for Governor was 8,105, a loss of 1,812. lt was the largest vote over polled in an "off year." The Greenback Democrats have suoceeded in electing the inost of the Republican ticket in this county, and increasing Republican majorities throughout the State. Despite the Democratie losses in the Congressional districts in New York and other States on Tuesday last, the Democrats will have a good working raajority in the next House, - say 30 or more. In Pennsylvania the Greenbackers won one Congressional district from the Republicans, and that is the reward of the Pennsylvania Democracy for embracing the "Ohio Idea." The loss of the Legislature by the Conneeticut Democracy will retire one Democratie United States Senator after March 4, 1879. Nevertheless thore will be a handsome Democratie inajority in that body. The Democracy come out of the contast no better in those counties and districts where they played with NationalGreenbackers than where the rallying cry was for honest, conetitutional money. Theke was a deal of carving and cutting on Tuesday last, and, if we are good at guessing, some disgraceful " trading. An examination of the figures will teil where and in whose interest it was done. The Eopublican roostors are crowing lustily over the great victories won on Tuesday. Why, you old cocks, it isn't your victory at all, at all. It waa the Greenback biddy who laid the eggs in your nest. Give her the thanks instead of olaiming so much glory for yourselves and splitting your throats as if you had overturncd the world. John Heffron, who was converted to greenbackism after his nomination for Congress, fails of an election, coming out third in the contest. But then he has helped the Eepublicans beat Gen. Williams and elect Newberry, and that was all that was wanted of him. Even Moses W. Field will be better pleased with the election of Newberry than with that of Heffron. Newberry ' is a protecti&nist of the Field pattern. We can't see what warrant the authorities at Washington, supposed to be the " Government," eau find in the action of the provincial rulera of Nowfoundland for withholding the fisheries. award. The inoneys havo been adjudged due by the selected and accepted commission, and have been appropria" ted by Congress. Subsequont infractions of the rights of our tishermen scarcely furniah an excuse for paying according to contract. Pay and then make claim for damages would seem to be the more honorable way. In his " Hand-Book of Finanee," Mr. Fawcett figures the aggregate national, State, municipal, and railroad debt negotiable in the financial centers of Europe and North America at $32,650,000,000, and theuadds: "The actual liquidation of this vast suru, amounting to j ust about eight times the total of all the gold and eilver used as mouey in Europe and America, is of course iiupossible and not to be contemplated." Does the author mean to be understood that it ís imposaible because nations and states and raunicipalities and railroad corporaare impecunious and will become bankrupt, or because the roluine of gold and silver coin, or money, is so small. There is no doubt a good deal of truth in the first suggested reason, but the sum of gold and silver used as money has very little to do with it. A man does not have to eat dinnors for a yoar in a single day, week, or month, or pay his dabts all at one time or with the same piece of coin. A hundrod dollars in money changes hands many hundred times in a year, and pays a large volume of indebtedness. Mr. Fawcett should have omitted that reason.


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