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The State Reform School

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We make the following abstracts irom the 8tatistical portion of the forthcouiing annual report of this institution for the year ending Soptember 30, 1878, which are not only intercsting as showiug the actual progresa of the school, but wiü give, botter than anything elso can, an idea of the extent, and the important respousibilities which rest upon the shouldors of those having it in charge. The whole nutuber of boys reoeived duriug the past year was 160, one boing au Indian. Total nuruber relpased during the same time, 101. The wholo number of boys discharged as reformed duriug the year was 03 ; goue out of the State to reside with parents, 4 ; granted leave of absence for one year, 20 ; esoaped, 2 ; gone to live with farmers, 10 ; turned over to county ofHcers, 2. The present number of inmates is 327. Tho labor of the inmates is dividod as follows : caue-shops, 248 ; tailoring, 1G ; shoemaking, 4 ; kitchen, 12 ; engine-room, 2 ; washing and ironing, 6 ; attending to school-rooms, 4 ; dormitorios, 9 ; hospital and matron's department, 1 ; bath-room, 1 ; familyhouses, 8 ; farm, 15 ; superintendente departraent, 1. There have been raisod upon the farm during the pastseason of potatoes, 1,200 bushels ; onions, 100; corn; 1,000; beang, 75! oats, 100; raspberries, 10; tomatoes, 50; turnips, 200 : rutabagas, 1,000 ; rhubarb, 25 ; cucumbers, 10; apples, 800; pears, 8; green corn, 100 ; green peas, 100 ; cabbage, 1,000 head; hay, 30 tons ; cornstalks, 75 tons ; and two acres of parsnips aad carrots not yot gathered. AdES AND CONDITION OF BOYS. Of the boys committed during tho year, 44 had lost their iathers, 41 had lost their mothers, 16 had lost both parents ; 38 had rtlativcs who.had been arrested for crime ; 42 had usod intoxicating drinks; (59 had boen in jail one or more times, All were under 16. No death has occurred in more thau a year. The increase of ininates has so crowded tho dormitories that more room íb imperativoly demanded. This can be obtained by building a chapel and utilizing tho old hall. The cost will be about $10,000 for a chapel. Another familyhouso is also noeded, costing about $7,500. - Laiusing Bepvbliean. A seven year old daughter of John McArthur, a well-known attorney of East Saginaw, feil on a penknife on Monday afternoou, the blade penetratng the heart and producing alniost instant death.


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