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A New Electric Light

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Au mteresting exhibition of a iiow electric ligbt was givou by the ElectroDynaniic Light Company yesterday afternoon at tho corner ot' Kim and Walker streets. Tho new light is tho inven - tioji of W. E. Sawyer, of this city, and Albon Man, of Brooklyn. It is a very simple iiil'uir, consisting of a small penoil of carbon a little larger than an ordinary pin, connected by wires with an electrio machine and inoloaed in a hermetrioally sealcd glasa globe, which is filled with pure nitrogen gas. The pencil of carbon is heated by the eleotric current to a temperature of froni 30,000 degroos to 00,000 degrees Fahrenheit, in an atmoaphere with which it CANNOT CIIEMICALLY COMBINE. Tho carbon is practically indestructible, and the light is therefore produoed without tuiy consumption of material. In the experimenta made yesterday five lights were placed in different parta of the darkened room, and all connected by wires with a small Hochhausen electric machine in an adjoining room. A simple key was placed in one of three ordinary keyholes in one of the walls and turned a little. Two of the burners attachod to a hanging chandelier in the centre of the room IMMEDIATELY GLOWED FAIXTLY And as the key was turned still further around, the glow increased, until a brilliaut and perfectly steady white light waB obtained, equal to the light of twelve ordinary gas-jets. The key was thuii turned in another of the koy-holes, and another of the lamps was " lighted up." In the same way the fourth and fifth burners were ignited, and there resulted an exceedingly brilliant white light, yet so soft and steady that it did not pain the eyes. The lights were easily turned to any desired degree of brilliancy, f rom that of a inoro spark to a light of sis times tho intuusity of the common gas-jet - that being the maximum power of the lights iu use yesterday. Tho company aaaerts its ability to fit up lights equal to thirty gas-burners. By a very simple " switch" in the wall the current ef electricity is divided and subdivided, to supply any number of burners desired, the electrioity teaohing the switch from the generator through a single wire. The light is turned on or off, or regulated to any degreo S1ERELY BY TURNING A KEY which operates the switch. Messrs. Sawyer and Man have recently taken out a number of pateuts covering all the points of their new invention, which are now the property of a stock company, which has been forrned to introduce the light to the public. The plan is similar to that propoaed by Edison - the establishing of central stations in various parts of the city, from which powerful electric gonerators will supply the neceasary electricity. The company claims to be able to supply the electric light at one-fortieth the cost of ordinary gas. Whether thia will prove true or not reinains to be seen. The difficulty of a meter has boen overeĆ³me by the invention of a meter which will record the number of burners used in any given house and the number of liours each burner is lighted. The meauurement of the electricity used would involve so complicated and delicate instrumenta that the time plan has been adopted. Mr. (Sawyer asserted yesterday that Mr. Edison waa behind time with hia much-truiupeted light, as the Electre-Dynamic Company have their light nearly ready for the public, and every necesBary point is covered by patenta of recent date. - New York Time.


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