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A Disgraceful Affair

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Ou Thursday evaning last a large body of studente- mostly from the Medical and Law Departments - congregated ia front oí the house of Mrs. Eapalje, on Second street, gcnorally understood to be a house of ill repute, and demanded an evacuation of the preinises. After some parleying etones were thrown at the Windows which wero responded to by shots Irom the hou6e. The excited b'hoys returned the fire and a large number of shots were flred by each party. Finally the Sheriff succeeded in effecting au entrance to th house and stopped the shooting trom within, promiaing a cessation of hostilities from without and protection. The forces were then drawn off. It is understood that the attaok grew out of or was ocoasioned by the suicide of young Williams, chrouicled in the Arqus of last week, which, however, makes it none the lesa an ontrage. It is no mark of manliness or virtue to fire upon women of bad reputation, and the best way to break up such places ia to keep away trom them. And even if the authorities neglect a duty and fail to suppress Idem young men or old men, student or citizens, have no right to resort to mob law. The better class of atudents have reaaon to regret any counteuance they gave to the aft'air, and the leaders ought to bo sent to their homes. The University can well get along without them. - In this connection, however, we must protest against the severe and unjust criticisms upon the authorities oï the Uuiversity, made by the Telegraph of Detroit, the Rcpublican of Lansing, ani other journnls. Similar outbreaks have not been uuknown to other towna in the State, and the discipline of the UniverBity authorities is uot responsible for this one. Studente are very much like young men ín the towns and cities from which they come, and ralhed by impulsiva leaders indulge in Gxcosaea which merit the severest coudemnation. But denunoiation of facultios in no wiae to blaniü is both uncallod lor and savois of a bad spirit.


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