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- A Dr. Kaapp predicts that "the most pastileutial period oí tho earth's history" ia near at haiid. The cause aasignad is that Júpiter, Uranus.Saturn and Neptune will be in perihelia varynearlytogether, or between 1880 and 188"). He claims that when either of the large plaiiets has been in perihelion it has had a deleterious effect upon the earth, aud that "terrible rains, prolonged drouths, etc, resulting in the destrucción of crops and pestilance acnong human beings and domestic animal " have followed. These calamities have increaaed wheu two or more of the planets have been nearest the sun at the same timo, and uow that four are to come into that poBition nearly in conjunction, the earth and lts iahabitants must stand from under. We look to Prof. Watson aud the medical faculty for something on this important subject. - Ifthe Democratie üreenbackers of this county organizad the National Greenback party in the interest of the Rspablioans, and for the expresa purpose of defeating the party with whioh they have so long acted, and which has fed their leaders for years, they have now time to rejoioo in their success That ia all they have accomplished. - An exchango says : " The Oscoda Salt and Lumber Company have cut a bilí of plank 78 f eet long, 2 1-2 inches thick, and 25 inches wide, for a Buffalo elevator." Wouldn't a platform conatructed of auch plank be a good one for the next political campalgn P - Col. Atkinson daily recites, " Little Johnny Horner sat in the corner," etc, and the Evening News " vamps in" with "who killed Cock Robin," and then boih exclaim in concert, " Big injuns, we." - Thanksgiving has been set down for Thursday, Nov. 28. Harvest your turkeys and fatten your pumpkin pies. - If th Evennig News doesy't quit beslobbering Jchn Atkinson, the Colonel wil! need hooping.


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