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- A 6tudentsf temperance society is to be organized. -The Seuior Medies ara to be photographed this aiternoon. - Judge Cooley gave his law tudents some solid chuuks of advice ou Monday morning. -The meetings of the Students' Chrlstain Assooiation are largely attended and iaorease in interest. - Dr. Dunster, of the Medical Department, was taken quite ill on Friday evsuing last- from overwork and indigestión. H was out of bed on Tuesday and will soon be able to enter upon work again. - The lecture of Rev. Robsrt Collyor on Monduy ovoiung was reallj a treat au J deserviug a larger audience. Whil conceding and eulogizing the genius of Burus and showing an appreoiation of the heart in his poeras, the lecturer did uot so smooth OTer his glaring faults as to make him a model for thoss faults. The lesson of the lecture was, therefore, a wholesome one. - The Medical Júniora haTe resolved that they were in the lecture room on the ovening of the raid on Mrs. Rapalje's ranch and ara uot respousible for any of the unlawful rioting of that avening, either ae abettrs or aivisers. It is a great pity that all the ola8es in all the departmonts could n't truthfully promúlgate a like resolution. The juniors set a ood example, except in their uncalled for flmg at the "town rowdies." - On Saturday J. A. Jenney arrauged to photograph the students ot the Department of Literatura, Science, and the Arts, but the platform or raised tier ot seats gare way and tumbled the boys into a pile. Several sprained aukles and some sevsre bruises were reported. On Tuesday, having rebuilt his seating, he tried the students of the Department of Medicine and Surgery with better success. - These are the resolutions adopted by the juniors of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, referred to in another " note :" Wheeeas, Certain students in the varióos departments of this Uuiveraity, in company with rowdies from the city, on Thursday evening last, engaged ín riotous demonstrations at the house of one Mrs. Rapalje ; and Wheeeas, Such couduct as was there axhibited tends to the subversiom of law and order and the institutiou of anarchy ; Therefore, Resolved, That as memberB of the Medical Department of the Uuiversity of Michigan we express onr eutire disapproval of the act of mob violence there exhibited, and consider those persons who either directly or indireotly instigated or encouraged the riot as reprehensible and deserving of severe censure. Resolved, That, deploring as we do the existence of such housen, and knowing them to be a source of immorality, disease, and orime, we request the civil authorities to use all proper meuus for the removal aud keeping of suoh iniquitous institutions out of the city. Otra Boaedino House.- The Leonard Qtover Comedy Combiuation will give the suocessful comedy of " Our Boarding House,1' at the Opera House, Wednesday evening, Noy. 13. " Our Boarding House " haa met with great success wherever it haa been given. This combination is the only one which haB the right to play this charming comedy iu the United States. The International Review for November and December has : Does Humanity require a new Revelation, by P. ü. Tait, Professor of Mathematics, College, Edinburgh ; Pending Ordeals of Democracy, by Hon Oeorga W. Julmn ; The Government Library at Washington, by A. E. Spofford; The Final Philosophy, by Rev. John Hall, D. D. ; Suecessful Msdioonty, by Albert Rhodes ; Social Democraoy iu Germany, by Prof. Huber ; After Specie Resumption- What? by Horace White, - timely and thoughtful, and indicative of a well-grounded belief that it will be found impossible to maintain a doublé metallic standard, and that the remonetization of silver will be found a hindrance instead of an aid to resumption ; and a Shocking Story, by Wilkle Colliiis. The number doses the volume ; and the accompanying prospectus gives a list of contribntors which is full of promise for the coming jear. The price is also reduced to $4.50. A. S. Barnes & Co., New York.


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