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His Wife Did "go In."

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Ho had returned with his wife'from a sunimer vacation at tho seaside, and ho stood in front qt phe hctsq giving a friend a gra]iliic .account of the season's pleasures. "Went in bathing every day," lie exclaimed, enthusiastically. "Ah !" responded tho friend. 'Wife go in, too? ' "Oh, yes, every day," said the ratnrnod vacationist. "Can she svdm ? " quoried the friend, witü sonie interest. "Xo, Khe can't," was the reply. "She tried and tried to léarn, but sainébow she didn't get the hang of it. She Baid she coxtldn't get the right kick, and I let her think that was the reason, but the fiict was1' - and liere he lookedupat the house, and sunk lii.s voice to a hoarse aspiratioif ' the fact was she oouldn't keep li.r month shut long cnough to take four strokes beforo she'd havo sume sillv vouiiulv to niake, when kerswash - she'd swi'llow a Vahóle waVé4, and go plump to tlio bottoiu," and the husband winked rapidly as the soonewas recalled to mind, and went. into tlie house ehuckling with pleasure. I?ut he liadn't Jioticod a woman's face pooring out of the curtiiins of a raised window. The acquaintaneo saw the front door open quickly; saw a hand reaeh out and grab the soaside boarder by the collar; saw the heels of tlntt individual crnck hisback as lioshot throngli the door, whioh slammed behind lii.s vanishiug forni ; heard a ■wild and stifled j noisc, as of a hunian body being haulod ! over a hat-raok and banged against ;i wall, and heard a mnffled voice like unto that of an enraged woman say : "Take that back and I'll lot you up, you wall-ovod yahoo! " And tho aoquamtanoe, with a eoinitenance oí wonder and alarm, passed on, rnbbing his head in a bewildered mannor, ütn-l.-iavj! Courier,


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