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One Horror In The South

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Lcw orleans Cor. New ïork urapliK-.] So great is tho panic und dread of contagión in iiuiny of the smaller places wIhiv the tever has broken out, aml po intense is the ik-siro "f pievonting the spread of tho digéojpe by putting the Corpses of the victims ander ground as speedily as poasible, that many inciden ts have occurred of 'a horrifying nature. In Biloxi, Miss., as in many Qther small places, the citizens formel a Board of Health, armed with the privilege of entering the house of death and suatching away the oorjpse almost ou the instajit the pulse 'lias eeasod lo bent. Miss D - , a beuutiful young lady (whose father, it is said, is worth his thousands at the North), was thus torn from the arins of lior uuut, and, without wúting for the doetor's certifícate, without even being slirouded, was rolled in the sheel on which slie liad lfldn and consigned to the earth within twoor three hoursaft&r lier death. Another beautiful girl, a belle and the daughter of wealth, died at midnight, and before the dawn a oart backed up to tho door.witharudeeoflin, and through the drizzling rain two of her young lady friends, wrapped in cloaks and carrying lantorns. jumped : into cart beside lier, and held tlie lights in the graveyard while the sexton did liis work. Thère are scores of instanees of fliis nature, and there are many who fee] eonüdent that during these terrible "hundred days" of panio and confusión at the Sotitli many persons have been buried alive. It could not possibly have been otherwise, with sueli terror, searcity of doctors and nurses, and overwhelming number of Ciiíies, m dtnioralized the inhabitants of many of the plague-strickeu districts where the fever was coinparatively an unknown visitant. The story of' one wonían alone is enough to show what basis there is for : this apprehension. The woinan, 3Irs. L., died (apparently), having had black ! vomit, and was hurriedly waslied and shrouded. The hearse DacKed Hp to the door, and the coffin was placed on the bed beside her-. The frieuds, afraid to go to the infected dwelling, were crowded around the grave in the cemetery wlien a rnmor reached them from ' tlie h(iust that the horrid pit would not receive that tenant, as the supposeddead woman had returned to life. With one accord the crowd made for the house, and there the rumor was verificd. . When the attendants were abont to place the body in the coffin, the woman had turned over, and, striking her hand against the awful object on the bed, asked : " What box is this?" Strange to say, she appeared botter after her reawakening, the lilack vomit did not reppear, and sho is now in a fair way of recovery. The death-like swooning and insensible condition are attributed to exhaustion and the large qtiantities of clianipagne given to check black vomit. Btit one shudders to think of the fate which had been hers had the torpor continued but a few moments longer. That there are chapters of unpreeedented horror in the present Southern epidemie is known to all - but many of tlie worst, I fear, will be traeed to Üie inlidelity of nurses and tlie blundors of inexperienced or overtaxed physicians.


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