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A Mystery Of Crime

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TIio Most Sklllful Robbery of Modem Tlracs. The completo details of the recent ' robbery of tlie Manhattau Savings Bank in New York, say.s n cobtemporary, i show it to have "been one of the most j skillfully-planned opcrutions tlmt has ; over lioeu luiown in tho records of j cfiiiie. It lufly bu obsei'VíA ut tlie saine ! time that there has never before been a elimo eommiüed tlmt wa.s so absoliitcly froe from the chance of detection, cither in its perpetration or after its commission. The seyen ma.sked burglars wore as soourc as if they were robbing a lonely farm-house, witli not another house for miles around, instoad of a bank in tiie heart of a great city, in broafl daylight, with people conetautly passing and repassing, who could look direetly into the room whero the thieves wereatwork. It is one of the most startling euriosities of crime that these seven men could enter this bank in daylight HApWeèiVéfl, ovorpowor n l'amihand obtain the keys and combination t bat guarded millions of dollars in cash, bonds and securities, enter fiie bank and spend an hour or two, inplainsight from two streets, packing up its assets, and then leave it through an exit into ono of the most frequonted stroots of the eity, and escape with their booty without attraeting the atto.ntioir of any one, althongh several pati'olmen passed and repassed th building and looked in, as was their 'wont, t" observe time by 1 1 1 ■ cloct on the largor vult which the thieves ut that very time wore wrecking. The cirenmstanees of this bold robbery arguo eithor an incomprehensible lack of ODservaftfon npon the part of thosc whose dnty it is to havo their eyês opon, or the possession npon the i'int !' f)i thieves of invisible powers not liitherto known ontside of the "Arabian Nights." [lad awriter of fiction invented a similar sitnation for his villains, the book-reviewers would liavt acensed liiin of inconsistency and want of fidelity to nature. Itadds to tke despór of this sitnation that the only danger to which the thieves exposed thomsolves was in the i commission of the aet. "NYhen onee they had escaped and coucealfd tJieir plundor they were secnre. Tlie very ' nature of the property which they stole rendered them free trom any linbility of arrest. Iho. ManEattan Savings Üank I caiuiot allbïJ to proseente them if tliereby it is to lose three and a half ! millions of dollars. It does not alter the Bitnation that the bulk of the assets consiste of bonds the thieves cannot negotiate. The bank needs them, and must have thom for conversión, and private depositors are, in tlio saino rix. i Tlê thieves were wiso ouougji to stealj suffleient to sav( themsönwlroni Eoe peniteutiary. They will be at some littlo troublo to answer lettexs from the bank and depositors, in fixing the details of the return of the property and , the amount of commission they are to recoive for their willingness to return i I certain po if,' whieh is of no valué to them. However deplorable all this may le fnnn tlie morul point of view, it iw a case of hard necessiíy ana involvcH tho Bulvation of the bank. If there, is ;my n spousibility for this, it must, lio fastened npon tlie beiieficent tendencies of modern cidlization which havo brouglit us to that stixudard of moral etliios' whero we can punish a man wlio steals a dollar out of another's pocket or a loaf of bread out of a window, but cannot punish man whose theft involves millioijs. magnitude of the crime oversweeps the limits of the law and suecessfully defies the proeesses of the eourts. The milis of jnstioe grind the pettyrogue exceediugly finí;, but the colossal rogne clogs the wheelfl with his huge load of plunder. It is not impossible as civilizaf ion pro{Ttsse.s that we may reaeh that poiut i wlirrc a person dissatisfied witii the ! j management of a bank may steal tho as! sets and opon a new bank witli them over the way. Tfee only condition of success is magnitude.


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