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Government Clerks

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A strangcr in "Washington, yrho was not amara tlmt he was in t!i capital city ofa great country, happening into the street just before 9 o'clock on a weéday morning might oasily mistnke t!i' meaniug of the siglit that wonld meet his oye. He wonld see the Btdewalka fílled with men; and umoug them n LéW girls and women. If he were to follcnv a gj-ptip of those JMfièer, he WOuld observe tlmt thev entèrecl one of t)ios(! vast strnctures called "tho doi)artnienfa," wiieïe tlio business of the naiion is done. j!nt so great is the mmibor of Hiose enteiing that lie might veñflWy fanoy tlmt they wave as.seinbling i'or some linu.sxial occasion. These men are Govcrmnent clerks, and thoy ar( assembling to enter upan some of the drauiest work thut fulls to the lot of intelligent men. "Ivill do mything for you I can, said a Congreswman to a young friiinl ■vlio wasseeking sometliing to do; "but don't ssk me tu gei you a departinent clerkKhip. It kills a mali's ambition, and unfite him for auy other work." This remark will not surjrise any one who kiuw lmw elcrks ia the Goveniment seirrieo are appoiñted and the imturo of their worli. Tliey usually g(d their plaees by patronage ; and I tions are rare. Thö young man who is appoint.ed n clerk at a salary of Sl,200 rëniains in tho -same position until he is turned out, to mako room for another. He is not cerfctin to ret.-iin his elerkship if lic does Avell.the work assigned to him ; nor is ha eertain to lose it if hé does the work very.badly or not at all. The result is that, liaving verv monotonous ivork to do, Jïc vcry ([uieldy loss his interest in it. 1 Therë is, however, a faseination in holding a Government place whioh few can rcsist aftef they liave nnci! flt it. The easy work and the spre pay, even when it is smnll, eliain them to tho plaees where they are, and forbid them to break the bands that bind thom. Men will intrigue and plot to keep elerkships wllioh do not pay them huif what tlicy might earn. if they wonld ouly pluck up energy and courage. And when tliey are dismissed, tliey plot again and beset their member of Congress with appeals to provide for them elsewhere.


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