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A Romance Of The Plague

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One of the thousand and ono tragi incidente of tho great plague happencd at Holly Springs, Miss. A beautiful young lady of New Orleanu was forced by her father to ïuuirv an old man she con ld not love. Pvpforring death to slavory, the young tody ran away and gayé lier services as nurse to the feverstriekcn at Holly Springs. After a few days of devoted attention to the sick she was herself stricken. There was a male nurse for her. There was no fonnile hand 1 sootlii1 ith its gentle touci the fevcred forow. Bnt the noble Ridley was there to perform the last snil offices to tho dring girl. Toward the last sho said to him : " Kiss me." As Ridley kissed her on the check, she exclaimed, "Kiss my lips," which he did. Sho then said: ".Yon are the ouly man I aver kissed; kiss me agaiu." While Kidley was in the act of kissing her she threw her arms tightly around his neek, and instantly expired. God bless tho brave ïfèniphie indanche.


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