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Though French soldiers in general wear mustaches, marines are not permitted to do so, on the ground that salt air would condense on them, and probably créate ulcera. In the middle ages all classes in France wore them, including , the clergy, and down to the beginning of the French Revolution the upper ranks of priests were adorned with wellpomaded and powdered hair on the upper lip. In 1792 the nrmy was forbidden towaxandpainttheirrrmstaches, and only grenadiers were allowcd to wear them. This regulation continued nntil 1813, when the eavalry, dragoons ! cepted, were permitted to let them grow, j In 1822 tho privilege was extended to I the infantry, carbineers and voltigeurs, and to all officers of whatover service. In 1832 Marshal Soult, then Minister of War, rondered mustaches obligatory npon all sokliers who could raise them. Civilians began wearing mustaches immediately after the fall of Napoleon I., and in 1830 they became general in France, and have since remained so. Among lawyers, however, custom has enjoined shaving, and Judges, on the appearance of a niustached pleader before them, have sometimes refused to hear him unless he " made himself decent." All employés of tho Bank of France are still required to shave, and custom enjoins shaving upon waiters in saloons and restaurants, and on men servants. Priests in French colonies, almoners and missionaries are an exception to the general rule of the church ; they must not only allow the hair to grow on the upper lip, but on tho entire face.


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