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Poetry: Summer Morning In The Country

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How bright on ibe hill-side slceps The sunlight with its quicktming rays - The verdant hills that crown the steeps Grow greener in its simmcring blnze - ■Vhile all the nir thnt round us floats ■ Wiih aubtile wing, brenihee cnly life; And, ringini; with a thoiisaml notes, Tho woods vith song are rife ! Why, tilia is Nnture's holiilay 1 She put her gnyest mnmlc onAnd. 8parkling o'er their pebbly way, With gladdci shout ihe brooklets run ! Tho birds and breczas seem to give A sweeter cadenee to iheir song - ■A brighter lifo tlie necis live, AnJ float in ligiu along. 'The cnttle on n tliousnnd huls," The fliecy flod9 tl:nt dot the vsle, All joy alike in life, thnt filis Tlie air. and brenthes in evory gale ! And who, thnt hns o henrt and yo To fooi tho bliss and drink it in. üui pont, for scènes like thoso to fly Tho city's smoke and din - A swoet companionsliip to hoild Wiih Na;uia in r er forest bowers, And lesrn the gcntle lessons told By ïnging-birds aud o-.ieniiu' flon-ers ? Nor do thoy err who love-hor 1 re- 'J'lio' bo.jks have p.nver to stir n hoart, Yi:t Naturc'a vflricd pige enn more Of joy udpart ! Noselfish jny- ifduty calis, Not sullenly I turn from theso- Thougri dear the dn?h of wtérfalís, Tlie wind' low voice amHg ;he trees - BirJs, flowors, nnd flocks- for God hatli ton glit -Oh krep. n.y heart. the lessen stilll - II IS SOUl Wilh I)il83 ÍS flillinht, "Whn lueds his Fathkr's will.