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Miscellany: Wonders Of Magnetism

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Il may nt be known to nll mr rcndcrs ;1ihI the most as:o ïishing revohtions concf-riiinp; tlie hiatory of ihn Universo, through primevnl ages. swellns all particiilars of iis present conform.ition, are now making in New York ly me;ms of Magnoiism. Asü pnrtofihe his'ory ofourüm. the followinir coiniiHinicJiion in ihe New York Tiibune will interest out rf;i(lcr9. wlicihor iliey lieliove in the revelaiionsor not fhouid ftejbbc veil p.iitlicnticntetl, thuy will presenl n cnriuu? chapterin the history of the ïuind: ehould thcy prove to be n httmbiig. it would not be vory snrprisinp. On nll eucli mntioifi. it is tfell u, be Blow in holievin?. Jt is S'iiJ the rovelnlions will Lc publishcd in a volume os soon as the courseo! lecturesholl be complcted.. Somc thrce months sineo jrour ren:crs were jnformcd of the conunrnccnirnt of a cour8e of Jectarcs and revplotions defigned for publicntion. hy tho independent cliirvoyni.t. A. J. Davis. who s bein? mnstnotizod for iho purposr by Dr. SS. Ijoyn. Sinee llio fust ïnnouncomcnt, the work hns mndu considerable progTfl, nnd n brief and general account of the diivek.pniontf tliU8 tar, nrc judged in bc luc to snch of ycxir candid ronders as dcuire soiutions of ilie most jmportont nnd ntcrcsiing of all qi:i-iins. Tho lectures nrc the n milt of b decply-laid nnd well conceived plnn, not originainií? ÍJQ tle inicrrogatories of man, but fro in nn infl ix into the mind of n Clairvoyant, the nnturo of.wblch I cannot here explam. Ilis mind beint; nmicnsurcbly exalied nbovc that of the mere synipathetic somn.imbuüsi. he is not impulsed by the thoughis nnd scntimenls of oiliers. mul he spenks without referenco to what ho has believed or vmtten, nppenring :o recoivo truth directly from the fountain.Thobookia to be divided into (lircc paris: first the " Key," second the ;' Uovclniion." nrd third the " Applicntion." The object of the first pnrt is to est.iblish. ly n source of rcason ing mainly on known principies, n basis on M-hicli the Reveíation proper can stand, and bc received by ilic líirtkihg triíñd, open to (hc conviction of truth. In this, the mind of the renlor Í8 condnciftd (hrough n process ol' the mrsi cogent and convincing icaKoning, profiessively from tho simplost to the most profound principies of Nature. And afior unfoldino; the interiorand moving principios of all ihings na ucing tlie only rcnl ronlity in the uni verse : explniniug philoEopliically tho icience of Animal Mucnciism and Cluirvoyance : the stnto which hc is in. and tho manncr in which ho rcccives his impressions; domon8trating the existence of nn infinhely Firsl Cnuse of all ihinjs ; the se of Nature ns nn in Btrumentto individualizo the human spirit, which jsconstitutionally immortiil nnd cndlessly progressive- and aitor developing mnny dons thai ore exceeding interesting and novel, bil stupendous genoralizntions occupying thitty fivo conticcted lecturcs- he commences his Revelation jroper, with the origin of the " Univercaeleum,' (to use his own term,) or at the beginning of nl things. " In the beginning," saya h?, " tho Univercaelum was one boundless, undefinable nimoKinbte ocean of l:i'iid fire ! The moevigorous and ntnbilious imngination is notable to ccnceive of ihelicighl and deplh, nnd lcngth and hreath thercof," &c. In u inore particular definition. ho shows thnt ilie Germ of the exhisfcd in the cnpacity of nn immense, inconceivuble. atid unimnginablc Sun - suirounded by on igneuus ntmosphcre, or fire-miHi, extending into spnce infinitcly beyond all bour.ds of humnn intagination. This Great Centre wns peculiurly the haüiiaiion of the infiniiely intelligent First Causo. " tho Grcii Posiiive Mind"' - whose powor is the orijrin nnd cnuse of eternnl motion. By virtuo of thif. ihe whole molten Masa was - ia siill - in n state ol inconceivable umhilation. By the mutunl ;isneiation. ór giavit:uion of kindrcd pnruclcs co:nposing the ïgneons nlmospheie of thisgrent bor'v. os Wé as the constant emannlion of pirticlcs from it. six 6urround;ng concerní ic nebulón '..mes. or ring of vpory maller, wcre for.ned. The nainber o! centuries that clapsei] bctwecn cither two of these sucoesmve iornmiions, could not be rcpresenled by all the minute particlcs of tnatter compoiiüj ihis jrlobc - and the the distances beiwecn them nro equally beyond the power of human conception. By secular rcfrigeration and nssociation of particles of like nfliniiy. eacli of these circlea was resolved into innunx rabie millions of suns - ilie oninal form of these boing angular, this changing to the circular and" reciilinear plan - ihis developing diamoiers. nxia and ])o!es, nnd progreasing to the spherical. These suns by the success-ivc rormaiion of rings, froin the nebular mnterinls of their atmo.pherc, have produced planeta; nnd many o( t'icsc, by the formation of aiialoaous rings, have produced satillites. - The etill unbrokennnd partially condensed rings of n planei in our own soiar sy6tem, afïbrd an cxnmplc. Condensation of these bodies, and reliiicnient of panicles on their surfaces, have Fucccssively dcveloped all the matcrials cotnpo ♦tig the mineral, vegetable, and animal kindiims ; nnd progression of these, orcording to cstabüshad laws, bas uhimately produced the subetance of the hurnsn spirit, whjoh wns the unly object und design of all t!ese inconceivuble c"ention8.IJ is descripiior.s of the ioimcnsiiy of crpntion; of ihe inconceivnble cyclca of eiernity ; of ihc nfiniie fiel'Js of epnr.c that nro yct u be filled wiih tecming wol Ids ; of tho pcaceful harmoiiy nid reciproca! ociion pervading nll sphorcs and ystems ; of the sucecssive resolulions of all material fornis fot the creation of n.ew and more glorious Univercadums : of t!ie nltiniaie dostiny oí uil ll.ings - nnd his cfncralizntions upon tiic siibs!anc&?, molions and eterrial laws and principies of the universo, are ovcrwhelnting bcyond nll exprefsion. Afi'ir Lonvcyinj n faint conropiion of tbc inconueivabioness of creation's iinmcníify. he des renrls to a more paitictilnr dcacriptin of our own solar syéieni : the modvs opóranrli of planetary formniion.1 ; t!m phyir-d nnd eolofriol condition of tho various plañáis ; (he vegetable aud aiiimnl orgfiniz.itioiiK of tlit'6e budies, and iheir humnn inliabitanis.wiili ihcir pliysica! ond mental C(in8!iniiioní?. social cor.cliiionp, institutions, &c. The cnnsijaition of the sun, and tho manner of its original poduciin .ore also e.xplained ; this lipinji des?ri!)ed as a remote plnnot of n still n-.oro Huvno.-Mvablfi centre, aronnd wbi-h it revolvcs in nn elipïical orbit. with all its planaiary accom piishnienta. The ciuses of the phenomena lermed gruvitalion. and nlso of the rotary ond orbicular moiions o.' plmcts are raiiotially and in:eïliziblv e.vphiiiiQd. Wc oro uiinble, in'ref sketch, to give more than tlie fainíest conceptfon of tlie bc.uity, order, Iwrmnny and conjialóncy oí Un whole th.oory of tbe universe. Froni the solar system tn general, ho descends 10 n more particular descripción oF tlie crcation of iho canil, aiul of !l things it haa producid. Hp fii'ls the original materials of tlie earili. in ihe lotm of an ineous, vapoiy ina$í. wbich by viriuo of inherent forces, and ihe nciion of thc sun, nssumcd rapidly fornv, from ilis ondular to iho chcnbr, oscending to thnl of tho óblate splieroid. For ages transcending the utmost power of the imaginaiion. tliis enntinued in stuio of multen lnvn, agitMted from the centre of the circcmiorencp, by the mnst inconceivable undnliiions. At length by gradual cooün? and eondensniion, tha first el.istic pranite continc W88 prrduced. 'I'he cliBUTg of the interior produced srme of the most friphiful convulsión? wiiicli elevated monnlains, nnd pruducod the'riinary Lea beds. Tlio eueccssive developmcnt of elemcnis coniposing water and atmosplicre (totnllv different from nny nosv oxisiing,) are explaincd ; ihe why ond whereforo being givcn tor every proposiiion. Asccnding througli tlie ptratïfioatjotis oí encisis '"ca slatc, hortiblendc slntc, Sc., he comes to Uic first vegetnble nnri animal fo-nis. He cspbins tho tnnnner of hev production, oud nlso the prodwetion of all succeeding struta tmd orgnnic beings tbus far op lo the close of tho cfirboniferious iormntion, which lntier was the euhjcct ol' his last cot:imunicnlion (Mny 8.) Notliing whicli I could liore sny would cÖKvey a'iy just (Hnception of the sturtliiig naturo ol these disclosun-p. rppecinÜy of tliose resjecting the production of organic beings. nnd problems liave been already solved, on the mos' perfeetiy rntionl nnd philosophical nrincinles. vhicli Iiqvc bufilcd the wisuotn of theprofoundest geologist. Asfrnding through the various sirntn of the sccondary nnd teriiary formmioris, he proposcs to revenl the auccossive physiual coudition pf the earih, with le progressivo devclopments of !l being8, whose rcmains nrc loumJ fóMll n the ,-.ick?, n:Ü he comes to the crwtion öf Mun'- rrvciilini: :ilso t h - nmr.ner in vhichthis liight? of all rarraatrlal bug. cnme to exist. lt. will [c s1iOmi. (as hns already been esuiblishod by rea?onini m th Ke':) man '6 n "efinemint. nnd oerfection of the ntf.tcriais of all bVifigé nndtnnces existing below him, and tlint lijs orgnnization. dosigncdly produccd by n nlmust endcss oncnienotion of proercssively nsceiulinp causes, ia the only instrument cmployed by the " Grent Positiva Mind," for the individunlizalion of Spirit. Ho propofes to cxplain the natwre of mnn, lus primitive condition, die origin of language, nnd of crecds nnd inatitntions tlint have no foundation in Nnturp, or in the coneiitution of man. and which have given rise to most of the titvisionB nJ discord that hnve bo Jong alDicted our race. Havinj tl)U9 made tho origin, nnture nnd composition of man, wiih nll tho inferior (orces of hisbeing, familmr to our mir.da, hc proposet in the noxt pro?robeie steps in tho prent work. to explain tho nnture end composition of - lo reveal mon's future condition throuliont seven successive ppheres of his eternal progrees, or until ho arrivca at the Great Cmise whicli produced him. And the revelatlon aa n wholc is inteiided to involve general answera to nlt qnostions thnt may occur to the mind, respecting the laws nnd principies of the universo. I3y the most irrefutable argumenta from facts ■ind aiwlogy, ho hasalready tliown thnt t lic ..imc hnrmony, ordor and reciprocution of offices, which prevnil throughout iho co-untlc-63 spheres of the Univercaelum, is tho designed nnd natural condition of human society. And n the third nnd last part of tho work, he proposes to prescni plnns of oganizaiion nnd rules ot government thntwiilbe calculated to bripg abotit the ihrice clorioi8 condition cf ottr r.icc. This will he done ly Miernliziition ! and applicaiion of the sume imniiiifibln nnd etornnl lowstliat hvó ptfhr duced the iinspeakalile harmony of all worlds and eyslems throughout the universo. When the world repudiates all customs and inptitutions thnt hnvc been forrned in iynorance and superstttion, nnd practicnlly acknowledgcs t!io ctf-rnal laws of physicat and spiritual nature, as the only foundaiion of government - then will cvnry p:i tidc in thehun:an universe. gravitate to iis own contrcnial sphere, cinployment nnd assooiations. There will thon be no clashing nnd conflicting between man ond man ; but what will be for the interest and Imppiness of onc, will be for the interest and happiness of the whole united maes of mankind ; a consumniation for which everv true philanthropist proya with yearnings that can not be uttereJ. Tho reader will be disposed to inquire, ' what ground is thcre for confidence in ihe trut'o of theso remarkablo developments ?' I nnswer, first. Fncts nnd phenomena, o well as t!ic Clairvoyant's own expbnation and reasoning leavcs no doubt that when thoroughly Magn'etized he is capabic of entering tho spiritual átale, and there receive his informatiun. For in the ñrst place, asalmost cvery dny of his past history can be traced, il can be demoníiratcd bevond all possiblc doubt, that hia education and knowlcdgc of booke, while in tho normal siate. are exceodintv litnited. His school tuition was, indeed,coníinod to fivo monilip, and he 3 now only in the twcnticih ycar of his oge. And in the soconJ lnc?, it s nl)soh:tcly known, thnt whcn thoronghly mngnetizcd lio is familiar witn all t'ienccs, nnd when neeeasary, can spenk all lnngung',s ! In his lecturcs, he freelv eniploys ihe leclmical terms and plnnfes of nnntorny. phyfiology, netronomy, goology, palapntolpgy, &,c. ic, knowing ahsoluic'y nothing f thfse when awake. And altliougb tliero is nothing in these phenomcnn that ia not produced by íVnmiítábie latos of natural catisntion, (os exp'.aine 1 by himtclf,) vro ricvoutly nnd revorcnily believe ihat thcsc dcveloptrenis were ordained by fnral cansos, desij_rncd in ihe l'.einning. f-r (he purpo? of dispensing thcb'.cssings oUhis unspenknblc light to the world, in nn ngo in whiöft it is so mucl: necded, Cnnsidcnng thni the flowers nmi fruita of snnctifying and happyfyiag knowledro are strown tbrougbout the boundlcss fields of thc material and spiritual universo, what reasin have we to supnose that tho channels o; spiritual communicatíon vrere forever closed on tiie cnnplction of the canon of the Scriptures 1 The henvens nbove. the earth beruntb, and cspeciaüy thc invisilile world, certainly contain trulh far boyond the reach ol the physical] senacs, but wliich are necessary for man ío know : and unh'ss Borne avonues are oponed to tliings that are nnsecn. future gnerptions wil! liuvoinaicly irogrc.scd lo ihe knnwledgc of nll sensible objects, nnd ido r;ice will come to on eter nal inteHcctúnl srnnd. fúch cannot bo the destiny, oven in iliis state of beina. of souring. aspiring MirD. whosc overy clement is uteinul progre-s. The Lecturcs as ilclivcrnd by the Clairvoyant, ;.rü being vi;nessed by Dr. T. Lee Smilh. H. G. Cox, J. Kinsmnn, and othera. Tlicre will liereafter be no objection to the occasional nd miitance of one or two additional persons, providtd tliey are enndid inquirers after trinh. anc' sufllciently familiar with thp phenomena of Aninsal Magnetism and Clairvbyance not to be unduiy exciied nt nny developments thnt ni'iy occur. Such nro praniiscuousiy invittd ; and those will lm adiniaed who are the fi rsi to aplly. Wc invite irvestigatio.v. Usual hour of commencing the Lectures, half-past 3 o'clock, P. M.Dr. Lyon n!so wnuld not o'oject to recciving oecnsiounlly ilnee or four candid persona wlio iiiny desire to witness íír. Davia'a powers of claii, at lis medical cxaniination of patients, whcnever ilie pniients ihcmselves üo not object. The exnniir.nrion takos place dnily nt hnlf past 9 o'clock, A. M., ond are ueuaüy deeply intorestinc, ond phtlosophical. The human eystem is perfccily trnnfparont before hini, of wliich fact ihope fcecuring his services witta a Jeading desire tobe bencfiitcd, will be sutisfied. - lic wil! not only describe tho foelings of iho patiënt, but the nature, cause nnd foundation ofthe real disease, nnd npply lvs remedies ccordingly ; and hisprescripiions being given nrcording to actual knowledge, and not mere inference, they ure constantly rosulting in permanent cures. - Dr. Lyon and Mr. Davis aro now permanently tBtablished at 2;"2 Spring &t., near Uudson. whero iho Lccturcs are also deiívercd, being repeled !y