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- Tliaiiksiviug ; next Tluírlín . - The Fall term of th pqlilic schools will dos naxt Weduéédty. - The Circuit Uourt adjoimied .sint Jiv on Saturday inoruing laat. Postoflice hours ou Thaiiksgivinj? day : 1U to 1U.00 a. ra. and IÍ.3Ü to 7,38 p. m. - .1. VT. Kuif;ht hns been rpappointpd cashiei of tlio Kust National ltuik, ut i siilnry of - The Baruabee Oourcrt Cúmpanj wiil give tlie Yp.iiliiutians m.iiiü 1S.uii:.1ji-b múbip tpmorrow evouiug. - A leüture associiitiou lus beon organiz-jd at Ypsilauti: composod of citioi.s :tn:l Xorm ii School student. ■jx - Uu the anxioiiK seut : .It.-ff Div. ,'jeveral olhorauxious ftllows re uu tlio swne seat, and stick close to Jtfl. - A. U. Millet's Dranijtiic Compauy opeus an engagement at the Opvis House on day evemug next. - Sinion Butler, oí % Aun street euet, and who liaa lived in tuis city '21 years, died on the l"th inst., nged "i years. - Henry Matthews is receiving at his uieat market a supply ot venison, from the uorthern woods, whicn lie (mts intu steaks and ruasts. - Charlea Giiuntlutt, ot Sluiüi, has jurhosed a house on Lawrema . otreet, eaet of State, ot Theoilore De Forost. Tuce t2,o00. - " lJelsliu.zdr's l'east" was brought out at Ypsilauti last eveniug (if therti wa uo alip in thö arraiigements), mid ia to lm repeated Dus eveuing. - Prof. Pettee will give the uunual address before the New Eugland Society at their coming anniversnry to tuke jilaee on Friday evonïng, Dec. 20. - Du S.itunlay last Juttice Fiueaufi tickated Louis Clark, of Dexier, to jsii for 10 days, iu Uetault ot bail t'j keep the peaoe Drunk and di8Oi'darly. - The dials of the Court House clock were üluniiiiated for the iirst time on Wedneaday vfcnmg. Don't believe burners oí suflicient eapacity have been furnished. - Manchester is asked to fc'ive í.i,U(iO toward the extensiou of thu Umud Truuk Railroad from Pontiac to Ypmlan'i, oí to an mdependent cotiuectiug ruad beturiMt tho two places naroefi. - The suit agamst Lcwis Sehleicher, selling liquor in violation ol the Sunday ordiuance, was discontinued on jaynient of eosts. Schleicher will do well to ad vise his boarders to make no more Sundiiy sales.

- Zenas Sweet has purchnsed a half interest in the wood yard on South Main street, at the railroad Crossing, aud the finu name i Lewis & Sweet. 'l'liey obtaiu their supply of wuod rtt Azaüa, aud ie is lu'utiuht liere hv raiiroad.

- Deacon Alvah Pratt, one of the oldest residents of the county, having settled in Pittsfield in 1832, coming there from Paulett, Vt., died at his residence William street in this city, on Thursday evening of last week, aged 78 years.

- The Walker Brothers, of thia city, have the contract for building the fuundaüons for a block of tenement housaa at Toledo, for Got. Ashley. The boulders are being procured in thia vicinity and are split before loaded upon the cars. i - (ieorge VV'. Sharpless, who has been for three or more years M. C. R. K. station agent ut this place, hfs resignod aud closed his labore. It is given out that he will go to Kansas and take a posttiun oti the Atchiiou, Topekn, and .Santa Fe Raiiroad. - The Uarnabee Concert Company, Robert J. Uurdette of the Burlington Hawkeye, Rev. David Swing, Gen. ". P. Banks, and Rev. T. üe Witt Talmage, have been eugaged to appear in the course before the Studeuts' aud Citizens' Lecture Associatiou at Ypsilauti. - Rudolph Grant, aged y years aud 8 mouths, sou uf Philip Bach, was taken ill on Thursday evemug of last week, on Friday the iisease developeii iuto ninlifjiiant scarlet fever, and detith followed juut hefuie 4 p. m. on Saturday. The limr! Ufok [Jaén at 9 a. m. Suuday. - Dunng Saturduy uiaht last a pillow, sheets, and otlier beddm w-ere stolen froin the yari of Philip Bach. Aa it uu olothiug from the bed on whicli Mr. Bach's httle boy died of scailet fever about 4 p. m. of that day, the thief may carry severe puuishment for his crime to a, tamily of iuuocent cliildreu. - The Students' IaiJilVrf CJlass whioh liev. Mr. Sunderland has just organúed at the - turiaii Church begau work last Sunday with ri attendanee of 127. The ctlM discussed the question, "Would ït be well if wa bad laws whereby auch men as Mr. Ingersoll could 'je prereuted finm uttcruiij in public their iniidel sentiments ?" - Ou Tuesday iifteriioou of last week, Oharlie, a six year oíd son of Charles H. Manly, Register of Deeds, attompted to climb upou a wagon loaded with wood, without being seen by the driver, feil betweeu the wheels, und was run over near the hipa. Xo bones were broken, but interual injuries were fcared. The little fellovr is now doiug well and thought out ot düiiger. - Ypsilauti Commercial : "Those farmers who paid royalty on their gatea are now loolciiig for redreaa. But as they paid their niouey simply to avoid being sued, redress there is none." The payment to avoid suit ou a claim suppoaed to be good cannot certainly prevent recovery when it is found out that the claim wus baseless or frauduleut: provided the parties are good. - Norman Le Veré, a French resident of the Fifth ward, pitched lus wife out of doors a few days ago, and when the officers went to arrest hira he attacked them with an ai, hitting officer Porter and cutting the arm of Stephen Moore. And now a complaint for "resisting an officer" is pending before Justice Oranger. Examination set down for Tuesday next. - In Justice Granger's court on Saturday last James Loney plead guilty to a charge oí assault aud battery, and was peruiitted to ierk over 9, - fiue and costs. William Pnce plead guilty to a charge of gainbling. Fined f 1 and costs; and James E. Clayton, charged with gambling Í9 at large on a suspended senteuce. The place of the several offenses was a saloon ou Fourth etreet, north of Auu, kept by Prics. - At a meeting of th School Board held on Monduy eveuing, in deference to the request of the Board of Health and the opinión of everal physicians, ït was yoted to close the ward sshools for the remainder of the term - or ttotil the begiuning of the new term, Dec. 2. The prevailing scarlet fever is the cause of the action, L'nless pareuts keep their children out of the streets- especially during this damp weather- they had much better be in school. - Detroit Post and Tribune, Nov. 19 : "ExOov. Ashley, of Toledo, President of tha Ann Arbor and Toledo Railroad, was in the city yeaterday. He expressed himself as sanguine of connectiug hia rcad with the Grand Trunk at Poutiac, whether the Detroit, Hillsdale and Southweetern does or does not effect a aímüar connection. A iusion between the last uamed road and the Ann Arbor and Toledo is not improbable and is regarded as the most judicious move that coaH be adopted uuder the circumt unces." - On Saturday morntng the jury in the case of Tlie Regents of the Universlty vs. Silas H. Douglaii, having been out all night, came into cotirt, reported an inability to agree, and wa aischarged. Briefs will be submitted and the points in dispute be deoided by Judge Huntington without the intervention of inother jury. It is understood that tha jury stood 8 to 4 on ach of the two questions aubmittad to it: aight in favor of auswering th intrrogatorie "No" or ia favor oí the claim made by the University couusel, aud four "Tea" or in favor 1 oí the claim made by Dr. Douglas. - Anu Arbor haa another "bloated laudholder," and his name is V. S. Hiclts, living at tlie corner of División and Uathariue (ttreets. The St. Louis (Mo.) üitpatch oi the lHtb iast. roporU him as baving juut purcaased of Hou. U. V'. Ejnersou, of Irontüu 10,010 acre of land, located ín Iron, Mmlixon, and Wavuc oounties, Mo., lands valuable lor agricultural purposes, for their timber, and for their minerals,- lead, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, iron, aud siilver. Bich silver mines are already being worked uear these lands, one (the La Motte miue) havinsr recently been sold lor f 1,000,000. Tho sarao helt on which it is located )t is cluimed cxlcmls over the land jiurchased by Mr. Hicks. The celebra red ('bulyWite spriug is also ou these lauda. - On Wednesday ovoning Albert Mouut and John Martin wi ut into Ferguaou's restaurant on Muiti streöt, Éfot Éioniething to eat aud ruiused to poy for it, theruxon Mra. F. seized Martin's hat. Mr. Ferguson na seut tor and wheu he came Martiu veoted bis spite by personal abuse and obscene talk. Seeiug a iiuniber of boys standing by Martiu struck at one of them, Douglas Beahan, with a club, cuttmg open hi scalp for several inchcs. Offlcers Anuden and Portar were sent for and Mrrtiu retiisTéd arrest and struck at Porter, whereupou that officer "put a head" ou hirn by two severe blows. Botb raeu were then lodged in jail tor the uight. Yoslurday Justice Frueauft gave Martin 90 doy iu tlie House of Correctiün lor ttriking liouhan, and Mount is held lor exatniuatlon before Justice Beahan on the 29th iust., ou a charge of resisting au officer, and has given bail lor bis appearence in t!ie sum of }). - BeMigerent Burleigb bravely battered the face of H. C. Waldiou ou Muuday forenoon. Mr. Waldruu had iuvited Mr. Ilurleigh to pay the balance ít'M] ot a note given iu aid of the T. it A. A. H. K. Some dispute ensued, in which lïurleijh wns understood to insinúate that Waldron "lied" and Waldrou retorted with a suggestion that Burleigh was "a liar." Theu the blow. Waldron neither turned the other uueak nor returned a kick or a cuff, but rescrted t the ofliee of Juatice Beahan and procuied the arrest of hia late comnetitor for Senatorial bpson on a warrant, and the hearing was sst ft.r ÍVeduesday. Thereaftsr Burleigh called r.pon Waldron, disclaimed having given him "the he," confsssed that if he did he should have takeu au yood as he gave like a little man, aud asked lere to withdraw the blow. He also pai3 tho $50, the cali for which had so exuited bis wratb, and on Wednesday the sáivult and battery suit was discoutinued.