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A Just Punishment

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Early in the fifteenth century, a band of Highland robbers, lieaded by ono Macdonald of Rosse, having taken two cows from a poor woman, slie vowed that she would wear no shoes till she had complained to tlie King. The savages, in ridicule of her oath, nailed horse-shoes to the soles of her feet. When her wounds were healed, she proceeded to the royal presence, told her story, and showed her scars. The just monarch instantly dispatched an armed f orce to secure Macdonald, who was brought to Perth, along with twelve of his associates. The King caused them to be shod in the same manuer as they did by the poor woman, and, after they had boen for three days exhibiltd through the streets of the town as a public spectacle, Macdonald was beheaded, and his companions hnng. The present year is a memorable öne in the Rucian navy, 100 torpedo boa s und numïi'nus (Tuisers having beeïl Constructed.


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