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ror the Democratie party to succeed in 1680 the leaders must concéntrate on the oíd Jacksonian principio of Demooracy ; adopt a plaiu, outspokon , form, and work to that lino hencoforth. l.n the paltny days of Deniocracy, wben i priuciples were made the basis ot' aotioD, ! the Democratie party enoountered no overwhelniiug defoats and tidal wavos. But so soon as the leaders knelt to I'anatics, and soemingly cared more for votos tUiin principies, they courted dofeat, and with one exoeption (althongu subsequently dofrauded of that victory) have mot with continual reversos. If it evurhopes to gaiu aud raaintain the ÏUpremaoy, it. must retrace its actiong of the past oighteen yoars. ïho question j of iiiiimce as prosonted at the lato eleotion, will, we opine, bo out ot' the tight two yoHi's heneo, as tho resumption act, upou whioU soiuo Greenbaok speakers endeavored to niako capital, will be in torco in a few weeks, and, theroforo, praotioally settlod. The Republioan ! party may again outer the tiold with j tho " bloody shirt" nailed to the j head, but it will prove a poor curd. The people aro tired of sectional strife, and the party that favors it will be apt to receive a severe oastigation. Tuo Democratio platform of 18K0, shorn of all subterfuge and cant, will meet with the requirements of the luasses, aud unquestionaly carry the country. The outlook is certainly bright enougb for a grand Democratie victory if fought on the true principies of Democraoy. - i'ontiac BUI Poster, The polioy towards the South whioh the stalwart llopublicans reoommend and would fuin reour to, did not snoceed when it was practicable and ;urriod out. That is to say, ou tragos ou the blacks were nover so nutnorous, and were nover attended witb so mueh impunity, as whon the stalwarts had their way as to the nianner of feprossing thora. Life and property and speech, on the other haud, have not for tit'ty yoars, or perhaps ever beforo, boen as secure at the South as under Mr. Huyes' administration, whioh hss made no uso of the army or navy or of the " bloody shirt." The cotton erop this ycar is the largest ever made, and has beon produced by free labor, and a large ootton erop so produced is a sign of order and security whieh cannot be discredited by flaming newspaper articles or stuuip speeches. In tact, we nowhear nothiug of outrages on negroes as negroes. What is now complained of is outrageB on them as voters, and, unbappily, most of the news we get on this point reach es us at eleotion time trom gentlemen actually engaged in the courlict and greatly interested in making the pioture as black as possible. - New YorkJfntion. It is announced on apparcntly goed authority that Blaine has concluded a bargaiu with Smith, the Greenbtick candidate in Maine, by which the latter is to be elected Governor by the Legislature. and nominated by tho Eepublicans next year on condition of carrying out Blaiue's projects in that Stato. The tact that he is an out aud out Gieeubaeker makes no differenco whatever to these ultra Eepublicans who screamed themselves hoarse for hard mouey before election. All their loud and fine talk about " honest money" during the campaign was mere chaff to catch votes, j All their denunciatory lies about cratic inflation were perpetrated to ' coivo the ignorant and scare the timid. Thcy knew better all the while. Quite a number of their candidatos for j gress were elected by the aid of j back votes, nnd a iuuch larger number of Greenbaok divorsions of Demooratic strength. It was all understood by the managers, if not paid for outright. The Republioan8 care nothing whatever for the principie involved. They only want the power. - X. Y. Expres. At the present price of silver bullion our Government can inake for about 85 cents the coin which it stocks to sell or otherwi8e put on the public at 100 cents, lts profit will be IS per cent, if it can either sell the coins or compel its owu oreditors to take them at par. That oertainly would be a scandal. The coins will bo taken of course by our creditors, if under the legal-tender power our creditors can foroe them on their creditors at par. Soine time or other, however, the silver currency may break down, and the last holder unfortunately will be caught with our coins on hand if the price of silver continúes as it is or falla lowor still.- New York World. The oontest in 1880 will bo a square, front to front, up and down strugglo between the two oíd partios ascendency. One side has the army, which will all be freely used for tho Eepublican candidate, no matter who he inay bo. The other side has the Sonate and the House of Represen tati ves by a narrow majority. There will bo no third party, except as it may be sot up by dosiguing politicians in particular localities, to draw off votes frora their adversarios. Both sides are on their good behavior, and the country will watch with interest their actions in the next two yenra. -N. Y.Sun. But how is it at the North P At our electiou the agents, book-keepers aud proprietors of factories were at the polls to intimídate workingmen. It was so all over the State. Do "both partiea" disapprove of this infamous business ? If so, why dou't the Republicaus who practico it put a stop to it 't Intimidation and bribery are practiced at the North, and tbousands of voterg have seen and folt the one, and many havo been tempted by the other unlawfu praotice. Wo think his wholesale intimidation has not been discussec enough, nor received attention enough at the North. - Hartford, limen. Mr. Evarts admits that this wonder'ul conciliatory administration has only appointed two Southern Democrat8 to Federal offices - Hilliard, Minstor to Brazil, and Fitzsimmons, Marshal of Georgia. It is now proposed to akw these offices away and remand the Bouth to starvation and desolation. The loss of these offices will cast a gloom over the entire country, but Mr. Hayes, now tbat he has taken Zach Chandler nto his confidonce, must vindicato himself in Bome way. - Ballimore Gazelte. If the Cincinnati Gazotte is right in saying u short gession of Congress is avored, and that the Demócrata are not disposed to force an agitation of the inancial question if it can bc avoided, the country will be glad of it. Since resuinption is now the focal point of observation, the best course, as even in[icated in a late reported statement of General Butler, is to seo how it will work, and give the administration, on whora is the responsibility, a fair opporunity to make it a success. - Boston Post. The project of turning over the Bemblican party of the South solidly to 2onkling in 1880 roay not be so easy a ob. Of course he will havo tho advan;ago of position after Grant, but it must )o remomberod that the Southern Eeublicans are a marketable article, nnd vill go to the highest bidder; The 'lumed Knight of Maine will be among he gentlemen who attend that auction. - Cincinnati Enquirer. When Blaine begins to figure up his trength in the next Kepublican Naional Convention, he must not place ny dependence upon Michigan. In 880 the Michigan Republican delegaon will probably be solid for Grant. 'be Michigan dolegation will help to efeat Blaine in 1880, as it did in 1876 irough the blundering of the Blaina members. - Frts Pren.


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