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NEW ADVERTISEMENT8 Ann Árbor City Mills, The Flour wo are makinc from Southorn 1111nols .nul OM Wblt Michigan i givng the VEEY BEST 8ATISFACTION. Ak on r Grocer for ït, or cali at our ï'loiir and Feed Street, cor. Ann and 1 oiiriii KtreetH. To Kabmebb.- Wo are pying the higheot martet price at uil times lot Wheitt. Cali at our milli wfore a;lling and got nll yotir whout ia worth. 1715tf SWATHEL, AILEB & KYEH. t oiiii;ií I(I11 ie ion ITV LIIVIE ! Oliio liinetrill hú herefterold at mi lirae workB t wholraalo for 30 cents a bunhel, and Monroe Unie it 28 cents. Also Iirick, Watrllrao, Calcined lRtcrf Cement, Plantorlng llairand Wood fur enk. Aun Arbor, 10, 1878. 17Wra3 JACOB V0LLAXI. Harper's Bazar. ILLUSTRATED, SOTIL'KX OF TUE PRESS. To arera according to farfur's Basar will l-e tho dim and nmblliou of the wonu.'tiof America - lioton Trun script. As a fait h fu] cbfoniclfi of fashion, and a newspporof douiefític autl social characu-r, it rauks without a rival - Iirwklyn Eoglt. This paper Iihs acqum! u widp nopulArity foï th1 lircsidi' i-iijoytnt'iit it afttords, aiíd hu bèoomean established authority wiih Ihe lftdies.- JV. T.Evenivg V' ■:-'. volumes of the Bazar begin irtth the first Qumbcr for Jan uur y of tid year. VVbeo m time is mentioned, M wil) be underatood tlial the eubscrlber wishes tocouimeiice with Lbo number ooit a ft '-e i he roei ipt "t1 bis order HARPER'S PERIODIOALS. UARFER'8 MAGAZINE, One Yeav, M 00 HARPKK'S WKKKI.Y, ' " UMI HAEPER'8 BAZAB, " " 4 00 The THREE publications, one yenr, in nn Any TW0 n' yc:u , 7 00 six Babeortptioas, ODe fear, 20 M Terms tor lurie cluba foroiahed on applicaticm. Poitege free to ;ill subscriben In the i uh.-(I SlaU'H or e;in:ii;i. Tlir unnual volumes of Hare'KK's Líazak, tj uoat clolh binding, will be stut hy expre, (féeofoxi6dho (proviand the f'reigbt dot's Dot exectd one dollar por volume, for 87.00 eacli. A complclu ot, comprising Eleven Volumes, seut on receljit of'i' al the rate of S5.25 pur volume, .frelght at cxjent; of pun-haser. (loth Cases for each roíame, uimlile for bindiDg, will be Bcut by mail, postpaia, on rccelpt of 81.04 each. lloniittanct'8 -Imulii he uiads by Post.nUii-e Moncj Ordor or Diaft, to avoid chance of loss. Nowspapers are not lo copy Ibiü adveilicinont n-iilionl tlicuxprcMionlrrof Harper & Brothera. Addreas, ÜA.RPEK .t BR0THEE8, l T 1 r, Nl.w York. Scientific American, THIKTV.l'OlKÏH YFAH. THK IIOST POPITLAB Scientific Paper IN THE WORLD. Only 3.80 a Year, PoaU ag;e. U wkl y, 5ï Viimhir a r, 4,(ÜU book puffes. Tuk BciBNTrro American Li a lnrg-e flrst-olaM weekly newnpaier of Sixteen I'aKes, printcd in the most beautiful style, profusely illustratfd wilh spleudid engravings, reprcienling the Bewest Inventions and the most recunt Advances In the Arts and Sciences ; including new and iutre3ting facts in Agricultura, Horticulture, the Home, Health Medical Progresa, Social 8cience, Natural Historv (icology, Astroüomy. The most valuable practical papen, by eminent writers in all departments of Science, will !■ found in the Scienlifie American Terms, S:,20 per year, Sl.BO half ycar. which ncludps poBtaKi. Discount toAents. tingle copies ten cents. .Sold hy all NeWBOealera. Kemit bj l-""-tl order to MUN.N i'O., l'ublithrrs. 87 Varí Itow, New York. PATCKITC Inconnection with the SelI NI tn I Oí enltfic American, Messrs. MüMB A Co. are Soltcitors of AiuericMi and I'oreign Patents, have have had 'M years experieno.e, and uow have the largnst establlslimeni in the world. Patenta are obtained on the hesi lerino. A special uotice is made in the Scientific American of all Inventions patentod through thb Akoiicj', with the nanin and rssidence of the Pateolee. By the immensr clrculation thui given public ttention la diwted to the meri(aofthe new patent, und sales or introduction ofteu easllv efl'ectud. ' Any person who has matie a new discovery or invention, can aarrrtain, free of charge, whether a patent cun probably be obtained, by writing to the underslgned. We alj send free our Hand Book about the Patnt Luws, Paterits, cveat, TraiieMarks, their costs, and how procurcd, with hints tor proeurlnjr advance on inventions. Adilrcss tbr Ihe 1'npnr, or coneerning Patent, 1T16 MLN.V & CO., 37 ParkKow, '. T. Branch office, Cor. K. 7th Sis., Washington, I). C. ST. IMICHOLAS, SCRIBXEU'S ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE, For GIRLS and BOYS. Au Ideal Children's Magazine. Messr. Scnbncr & Co., in 18T3, began the publicatiou of Sr. Nicuolas, nn Illustrated Magazine tor liirls und Boys, with Mrs. Mary Mpe Dodge aa editor. Five years have passed uince the tirst Qumber was isaucd, and the magazine has won the liigliost -..iit ion. It ha monthly circulation of OVKU .50,000 COPIES. It is pnblished eimultaneously in London nd New Vork, aul the traosatlantlo rccognition is 1must ns general and beiirty u the American. Although the progrc-sB of the magaziue lms been a Kleiidy advance, it has not raiched its oditor's idea of best, because her ideal continually outruns it und the niastzine as fwiflly foliows after. T.Mlay ot. aiobokab atanda Alone in the 'World of Book: The New Vork Tribwnt bas said of it: "St. XiciiOLAS ha reached a hig-her platform, and comniaiidn for itn service wider reaoureea ia art und letters than any of its pn-deeessora or cotemporaries." The Ixnion LUa-ary Wvrld snys: " There is no magazine for the r.oung that can ba said to eoual thischoicc prodiietion of Scribüer's press." Good Things for 1878-9. The arrangeinestB for literary and art coutiibutiona for the now volume- tno sixth- me comnleu, drawinj; from already fiivorite pources.Ks well au fi-om prumising new ones. Mr. Frank 1!. ötocktonV new geriul türy for boya, "A JOI.I.V l'KLLOWSUIP, Will run through the twelve monthly part,- beginning with the number for November, 187, the firet ot the volume,- and will be illustrated by James E. Kelly. The story is one of travel and adventure in Florida and the Dahamas. For the girls, a i:oni in n ui tale, "Half a Dozen Houaekccpers,'' By Kathariue 1). Smith, with illustratioiiK by Kivduriek Dielmau, begins in the same number: and a fresh serial by Susan Cooiide, eutitled "Eyebright," with plenty of l'ictures, will be eommenced early in the volume. Thtre will also bo a continued fairy tale oalled "Ruinpty Dudffet's Xower," Written by Julián Hawthorne, and illustmted by Alfred KredenckB. About the other familiar features of St. Niciioi.As, the editor preserves a good tumored sllence, content, iierhup, ti let her Hve volumes already iesued, prophcuy concerniig the sixth, in rospect to Bhort stories, pictureB, poems humor, instructive sketches, and the lure. and lore of "Jack-m-the-Pulpit," the "Very Little Fulks" depsrtment, and tho "Letter-box," and "lüddlebox." Terms, $3.00 a ynr ; 25 cents a nuiüber. Subscriptions received by the publisher of this paper, and by all booksellcru nud iuwtiimners. Parsons wishing to subscribe direct with the publishcri) should wnto name, Postora'co, County, and Stat, in full, and send with remittance in ebeck, V. O. money order, or registored letter to MütlllMCU A CO., MM 743 Uroadway, New York. Harper's Magazine. 1879. ILLUSTRATED. X0T1CES OF THE PJUtSB. Harpers Magazine U the Americnn Miiffazim1 nlike in literatura aud in art. - Botton Trnveltr, Tbe most popular Honthly n the world.- N. 1 Observer. It is an excellent companion fur the young, a de lit?ht tt) tbe mature, u oluoo fur declining utje. Lottisville Journal. No other Monthly in the world can show so bril liant a list of contributors ; nor does any furnish its readers with ho great a variety and so superior a quaiity of literatura.- Watchman, Bostuu. Tbe volumos of the yiagatint begin with the nimber for June and lJeceiubur of each yenr When no time is npeciHed, it will be undentuoc that tho Hubacriber wiahea to begin with tho curren t number. HARPER'S i'ERlODICALS. JIAHPER'S MAGAZINE, Ono Year, $400 HARPEH'S WEEKLY, " 4 00 HAHPKR'S BAZAR, " 4UÚ The THKEE publictuion, one j t'nr, 10 00 Any TWO, onc year, 7 qq 6IX BubHcriptionn, one year, ?Q Ou rorniH for larifo clubs furnlshed on applicAtion. an$tagt Fret tv all subscribers in the L'nitfd Statti or Canada, A Complete Set of Hakpeb'b Maoazixk, dot :omprising 57 Tolume, in neitt cloth bimJingr , will e sent by exprees, ireight at expenne of puichaser, or $2 25 per volume. Sinyle volumes, by mail, post■ ti', $3 00. Cloth cases, for binding, ítS oenta, by mail, poHtpnid. KemittHDceH should be made by Po ffiee Money Order or Draft, to avoid chanoö of los Newspaperw are not to eopy ttiis advertisoment without the expro8 order of IIabpkk & Broh. 1714 Address, HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. TTALTJABLE FARM FOR SALE. SS acres of improTed land on Sec. 21, Township f Aua Arbor. Buildings, fencea, etc. in jfood nlor. No encumbriinoen luquire at tbe 1 7 It tf AROTJ8 OFFICE. fP Aa week in your own town. #6 outfit f ree. L r f No rik. Header, if you want a busluosg f [ I I I at which persone of either aex can make Vi Urreat pay all the time they work, write or partioiiiar to H . Öallett i Co., Portland, Me.


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