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Communications: The Great Southern Scheme: For The Signal Of...

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The fic'B which havo liecn n-Ia's1' in the pregedme numbera OÍ '.hese cominun;cntioni-, have i ,,!v sii -uu tn In? piesont waj wuh Mexico has been brought on, by ih dtrffö in .ructiona tf 'he lJies fl -m of the tlniutd Siftte& H; havinjr the po er and the, luis acted iccordirvg to the lïcl rtion of P,r slayer clique. ' The of h ' :)!' iü'a ' ' [!ie MVxicmm. In the varj us .i. ■'. irations and r-Miiunstr.'iiiccs. which rhJ Inve put forti), ihoy have. wuli great torce expresdêd ihfir wróngs.- These iü nbout ihero t!m eopecioasnesJ of inith wliich adJs to their convincittg "Wt-'r. At an extra bpííÍou of tlf-ii" Congrèss, entend to provide lor t!ie o'v.t'iü-noy. which ilie war had creatcd, n cömnhtes of which;Rra and Valencia, vre ir.embers, made a repon, of wliich iho foHowing id an extract : "The Extraordinnry Natinnal Congress of tlie MoxioTin llepuh!:o considerin; Th'it uio Rtípublic of the United States of Ani'Mca wuh ni'torious violatíon f'í all nglii has iistig;itcd and prciected openly and pWaèveringly the insurrectioti of the. cülonists ot Texas asuinst the natton which had a-l:mi;d thein np.'-il iis terruory and ycnerously ahielded them wuli the prÓtcctín of its nyfé: Thai it H&b incorporaved the sime tcrriiory o Texns ioto its Unioii by nn act of its Congies noiwiilistandiiig it bas alwnys belonyed by undfspútod, iighl to the Mexican nation. has been recognizfd'as sucii, by the United Sto'ns themsclvc3, ns it nppears by the bounJary treaties ot Ib3i and 16:?5: That it lus no; maïntained the sulemn nssurances and rèaervatioDa in regard lo tho rigo'ts 01 the Mexicnn Republic which by nicans o! its neents i; had made in conformity with thesu irmil it s:Th:it it has also ii;vided tho ucpartmem 01 Pamaulipas. ïn'.roducmg an army on the lelt bank if ttic R-.o Bravo, givins occnsion and origin to he battlcs of tho sth and 9ih of M:iy of the presut year: Thnt in time of profound peaco, av.d during stábtished cl.iiiona of amity belween the iwo :ountriea, it has invnilcd by land and by sea the :crritorie3 of the Californias: Thnt it haablockaded the ports of Mnta.moraa. V, -i i Gruzj and Tampico of Tamiaulipas, opuuti' íts tiro upon ih delêncea of the luttor: Tl. .1: it has authorized alevy of troops against Moxio: That it has ueclarctl wnr against the RcpuMic, under tho preiext that tie snid Si.ues had Been invadcd. when in facl they made the invasim: And Instly cotisiderinar that the h&ttoiiáUty oí ihp M(.-!. ■ s-ii'iusly loniinoinisid bjf ilic power and tne siiiiit ot nsurpalion, flagra mly mainfésiëd by the nejgtíb'orihg natjon ol tho United Staies - Uecreeí. &c. They réjinred hut ibis slrople riarraiivc oi their wrongs. io tiiow li -vv ihey havo been imposfd upnn by the micht of o superior prrcr. An J t! ey ui:drst;iid ilieir own rijthtsi i!i3 duties onc oatioTi oivt's ahother, and the state of aílíiirt in thie coxmtrv much bcticr ihan wc gcneraJly appr ht-nd. Thej know thcir righís too veil to !ö gu]le,d hj' such Messagcs as our Cotr.manding General takes tho liberty of scattrrnL amrng (lrem, for the avowcd purpose of disaffeeling the.ii tuwaro's tlieir own government. In v;cv of the lacts how offensive to then:, must appenr t!iw rocent Prnc!:i:nat;on oí Gen. Taylor, of whirh the id!ovinLr Is the first poragraph.üy the Gcncrzl Commandivg the Armyofüie Unitxd Stuies of A.ncrica . To the Pcoplc of Mexico. Aïtet rrieny yéi&h of patiënt ehdiirehcè tb l'ni;ed Suites are nt lertglh constraincd to ac-1 tnowlédge, tbnt a. war nuw exisis between our Süvorr.nïbnt and the Govorninetu of Mexico. - fot, wny yrs our citizetis have been Fubjected . sulla and injuries, our vessels and ;aTLoe3 have been ecized and confiscated. our nerebanta hare heen piundered, maimed, iinprisoncd, without cause and wi'hout repaiation. kis no doubt very good gtncralship in him, to deal in such general s'atemente, when he offers any dcfence of his course. Ilow very contradiciory tliis appenrs to the representation which our minister, Mr. Tlionipsvin, made ol the courttsy and liberal ty of Mexico. He hal been quoted in a fermer nmnber as snying, '] havo nol made a single oilieial detnaiid, or even a simple request which was not grnntcd." Gen. Tnylor keows, aa does also bis instructor, President Polk, tbat there is no cause for their ag gressive movfsnents, 6ave thcir necessiiy as i part of their BChêmöSö gra.sp mere territory or the southern portt'm of ihis continent, as r set off to Oregon, wliich mny not be stained by th 1.1 jod of 6lave3.President Polk and hts pnrty, in prosccutïn these ineasurc3, do not nci in the dark, anc .13 to ibrir chnn:cicr, and the eflect thcy mus have For this scheme, was long ogo faith fully exposod, ly Mr. Bcnion, the Ajax c tlie party, but win had too mueh ccnsciencc to allovv him to favor snch v.-liolesale rob !;cry. In ihe speech he made, May, 1844, it the Senaie. on the treaty enbmitted by Mr. Tv Ier for the annexation of Texas - among othoi good thing. he said. "Can ice Irgit.mifc th seizurc. of Urn thousand miles of our niighbor domain tcüh wUom tcc hare treaiics of p cace ana ƒ i:w!.-h'j) unl commcTce ? I wash my hands o all aUempis, to disrrember rbe Mexican repub lic, by seizing her dominions in New Mexico Chihuuhun, Conhuila, and Tamauüpas. Th treaty in all that relates to tbe boundary of thi Río GraM)K is tti act or unparai.lki.kd outkage Mkxico. Our Secreiary of Stati shows full well that be ns conscious of th ;. r. MIIV OF TUK OCTHAGB, and lcECW it Y-ü, war.1' He (hen proposed the fitiloWing as ar addiiional reolution upon which hc askcd (b vote of the Senate."Resolved. Thnt the incorporntion of the lefi bank oí tbe Rio de! Norte into the American Union, by virt:ic of n treniy with Texas, com - prehendina os rlic said incorporation would aó, a part of the Mcxicnn fkpnrtnicntsof Now Mexico. CJnhualiua. Cóahull, and Tomouüpns. W.)llld be AN ACT OF IMRECr ACGRKfilOS OX MKXiro; i"or e!l the cotisüquancca of which the United Slatea vvould siaiid n-sponsiblo-" Hul if the ncorporaüon into the American Union, of the lelt bank of the Rio del Norto wae such nn cnormoua outrage, what-sholi bc MÍd ol tlie present scheme to subdue nenrly the whole ol Mexico, togeilur with the Californias, andan nex t!:cm to the Uuiled States 1 When can Wf bc poiftted to asnrpation p-unücl to ibis, In the ïistory, even of the mot dcspotical governn enta ik-, invn Urn] nn existence ?Let US seo lint are the indicntions, thnt tbisfchciiin linih sneij an extern ? Tiic report inade ro tjie McMcrin Congress which is qtiotcd aboye, Motes ihat our government 'his invaded by land nnd sea iho territorics of the Californias." Ii now aPIcars thutour powcrful Pacific fieet liad orders to capiure their fort, on t!io firat breath of fin-1 Uicy have cjvno so. At tliiu tinie all ol California tliai ur Commodore choose3 to have, is ii his hnnda. A letter hos rcccmly found íip wa'y íoio tha paj,er, wriiten liy Mr Marcy. Sccrcinry of war, to no 3. í)- títevene )i Nm Tosk authorizing liim, to raiso a rjP' ment cf soldiora ín rhiH región o' ihe couniry. -..i,..-. (Ir-btimlion ia to Uk '.lio C;ilifonii:is. JIc ís sccially difected W ci!i-t íucb ao wí11 beiMo t"T. and witling to becofnc, permanent set loïs m ihni i'.uiiiiy. And tlicy are to bc told. hit tli'-y aro to go prepnred, 10 reuuiin tin rfl .1 fiizens ivhen that country "hnll bc anntxeu't' fh ■: State?" h seims tlia! tln-y :ihj ri.iw enlisling, Ironi iliis parngraph takon frotn i'uc Albany Armis. imiIv re?ret t!mi Col StOWSJlson'i cominmd will i;ike Ir.i'ii o'ir roDlfcdmti vicniiiv, 'tnd l'torn other ol' 1)1 State an nctjve nnd nrcl icejn p'rtion i our own populalïon, which genr.illy w :. lioiilil piefer nol tó ypare.'1 !n order t ndiíce síích n cl.-i?s o!' persons to einïgrale with siu-li n puf'poie in view, vèfy liberal cóndYtjon8 ure ofTerec! i ihcm. Tlioy nre u recfve lúti wágeií, and ifieír'equipmeíilMBto e mndt; oul ..n n lnrge scule, and in superior tyle. Among othor tliings h is specii3ed ihnt each CQinpftny rtwjr !'. ncccmpnnied !iy t'onr wonien. isiensihly, Tr ilio snke of wasirig iheir cloihes, ml wlionre to receive rcgii'sr pay from t'ic Government. If the regiment should consist of ten coüipanies, they wil! be ;ittonttd by forly womea All this is cerminiy making lurangemcnis on n 'nrge sc;i!c, and Ier extenfiye ORoroiibn, :hil' mcans someihinu; more, than rnerely the protect ion of our iroops 011 iho Río Grande. The editor ol the Tribuno, when reccntly addressing t!ie Morning News. siid this: "yon aro bcreby rt-specifully and d stinctly informetl thnt the President himtelf. clcarlv nnd cxplicitly.sonic weeks sincc etattd to o getittftmin. of the hijjrhcsi respectability, tliat it wns tlio fixcd determinntior ol' the Governnienr, to tnko nnd to hold pennnnently, New Mexico, Chihuahua and Californin nnd to annex them uhimately to the JJuitei S'.atcs."Indeed, thero is avhlejicr. roost ampie, tbat Uis war ócheme has been plnnncd uon no smoli cale. Vhat mcanelh the invitation to ihe Gov :rnor of evcry State in lie Union to issue a cali, br voluriteers ? Whai nionneih tbe raising of in nrmy of sonie forty or fifty ihousnnd s;rong 1 With whot design ie it tlmt au agent of the Govïrnment istiuthorized.tohavo nindeat Piusburgh. sevcral co.t!y sieanibonts cxpressly for the war For whnt end was nnother agent at New uk :he 2-lih uit., cnitracting for wagons, to bo sen to the seat of war. and yet another travelün through Ohio and Kentucky. and giving tli highest pricc3 for mul s to draw ihcse wagons And tnorcover why aro the wils of the Ali Citbinct set lo wark to regniate the ree:uio so that the Government may not be bankrupt before the cxpiraiion of anothcr twrlve inonüis. on account of iho lnrgc drains ituw made upon the Tieasury !-y the war c.pcnditn:es? All these preparation. grow out of a war oí conquesi, hieii tin: President of the Unitct) Sta;i8 hos designcdly brough: about, the uitinmté object of whieh 8 lo strenytiien the failing power of the .laveocracy.