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- lï. E. Frazer, Esq., hada large audience at the Opera House on Sunday afternoon. - Hon. J. Webster Child will addresa tlie Reform Club next ,Suuily afteruoon, at the Opera House. - The (jrand División of tho Sons of Teraperance i to hold lts anuual meeting at Ypilanti, cm December ■. --The Reform Club rooms are uow m charge of Beujamiu F, Barnstt, H. E. H. Hower haviug resigned. - The Roiorui Club is armnging to liold a luir at their rooms in the Opera House, to be nni ihout the muidle of uoxt montha. Tho December uumber ot tüe Eclectk ha everal papers iiartioularly appropriate to the una. The steel eugravirjg is a striking porrait of the Earl of Beaconstield, aud this is cconipunied by a concisa but complete and iueresting sketch of bis career. Apropos of his, thera is a. uuugent paper by Mr. Arcbimld Forbes, on The Fiasco of Cyprus; and liie iu turn is complemeuted by an artiele ou The Austriaus iu Boauia. Still another timey paper ia that on Slavery and l'olygainy in urkey, by J. C. McCoau ; aud auother on Juglaud aud Aruerica as Mauufuuturiug Comletitors," falla into the same category, thougb t would be valuabla at auy time. Otber noteworthy papers are : Animal Intelligeuce, an ddress delivered before the British AAaooiaon, by Q. J. Komauea ; The Firat Edinburgh teviewers, by Leslie Stephen ; Covin's Reenge, a complete short story ; Part IV. of The artb's Place in Xature, by J. Norman Locker, Y. R. S.; Hallucinatioii8 of the Senses, by )r. Henry Maudaloy ; thrae chapter of Wm. Jlack's Macleod of Dare. There are several hoice poem8, and the Editorial Departments re even fuller and more variedly interesting ïan usual. $." per year. E. R. Pelton, New 'ork. - The Thanksgiviug uumber of the New York Chnstian Union will contain a letter from Secretary Shennan on the South Carolina tioufoles ; a breezy article by Gail Hamilton ; a Star Paper from Henry Ward Beeoher; a "Laicue" letter; aThanksgivingstory, "The Praise Meeting at Poucssaet," by Eliot MüCormick ; and the opening chapters of the uew aud romantic serial, "The Little Belle of Blooiningdale," whoee anonymou author, we are told, has a world-wide


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