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jVIrs. Dr. C. P. Barber, of Saginaw City, died suddenly Sunday morning. Waking np abont 4 o'clook, ühe com-, plained of terrible pain in her head, and before her husband oould give her any medicine she waa attaoked with paralyais, passed intoan unoonsoioua state, and died in two hours, lt is thought a blood-vessel was ruptured in the brain - Monday night. Mr. Harry Reeves, of East Saginaw, while orcssing the bridge, was suddenly seizad by two men and thrown bodily over the railing, falling upon sooie logs below, breaking one leg and bruising him badly. His assailants are unknown. - John Haggerty, who atabbed Chas Fields, near ïïew Haven, Macomb Oouuty, in AuguBt last, dnring a drunk en row, was recently convicted in the Circuit Court of assault with intent to kill, but got a new trial, when he plead ed guilty of assault, and was sent to louia for three tuoutha. - The will of Wra. Daubney, of Kalarnazoo, is oontested by his children be cause he gave his property all to hi wit'e. The property is estiinated at $18, 000. - A six yeai's old child of B. W. El lis, of Milan, Mouroe County, benaine helpltíss while on the way to a ueigh bor's house, and expired in a few minutes, - The l'liut woolen milis have jus ïeceived a consignment of 11 tona o logwood to be used in their business. - The Fliut and Pere Marquette Railway has carried 40,000 barrels o apples this fall, mostly destined for the West. - Maicus Berger, of Lansing, has been held for trial charged with setting fire to his cigar store, which was bnrned on Jhe 7th. - Hon. LewÍ8 Welch died in Exeter, Monroe County, on the ldth, of softening of the brain, aged 65. He had been a resident 40 years. He was a metnber of the State Senate for two sucoegsive terms, and a man of excellent abilities and high character. - C, B. Burr, for some time deputy postmaster of Lansing, and a gradúate of the College of Physioians and Surgeous of New York City, has been appointed assistant surgeon of the Pontiao fisyluui - The sixth aunual meeting of the Michigan State Grange will be held in the State Cupitol, December 10. A cordial invitation is extended toall patrons of the fourth degree to visit the sessions of this body, and beoome more familiar with the principies and work of the order. A fine opportunity will be thus giveu to view the new State House, and its surroundiugs, and to vigit the Agricultural College. Autioipating a large attendance, the committee have made special rates for meuibers of the order with all the loadiag hotels in Langiug. The young man who xcliauged umbrellas at Mr. Pease's, oa Washington street, by mietako, last evouing, will eoufer a favor on Miss Isadore M. Risdon, by leaving it at the atore oí E. J. Johnson.- Nov. 28, 1378. EDWARD DUKFY bas a large stock of Boob, Bhoea, Rubber Goods, ets., and yesterday's snow itorm ought to remind tlie prudeut man that now is the time to Ut hlmaelf out for winter. Duffy'a ii tbe place.


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