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THE EAST. A New York dispatch stntes that Jndgo Hilton offors a reward of $50,000 for cvidonco that will eocnro the arrest mul conviction of the fivo persons boliovcl to havo beon ongaged m thu robbory of the Stewart vault or he Thomas H. PowEiis, senior membor of the firm of Powors ,t Weightman, the largest manufacturare of qninme „ the Vmtal Stite THE -VEST. Quite a severe shock of oarthquake was experieneed in the región of St Louis on the mght of Nov. 18, and on tho following nteht 1 íhe i eouHTv round abont Cairo exporieneed a similar unplcasant vtoUMon. L horrible coal-miae explosión occurred at Sullivan, Ind., last week. Beven WfT d?,kÍUUd Utrigllt l)y accident, and 1 alt a doz-ii more are o biullv iniured tüat ihey cannot long survive. hjju uiai The regular weekly robbery of the Deadwood and Choyenne coach occurred last ws-ek vu Fort. Fettennan, only two road agonte takmg part in tho job. The dramatic oompany of Manager MoVicker, of Chicago, for the present Peaou ia one of the best he lias ever had. Sevoral old Rédalo LT Til St week A colossal bronze statue of HumPk! StLoïg' lWClX uuveüed ül T THE SOUTH. The Supremo Ceurt of Florida has deotöed that the throo preeinct returns rejected by the Ahichua County Canvassing Board aro íL!?;a";! va,Ii(1' ?"d lma is3U0(1 a pewmptory ut to the board to canvas them Thoe nrn owcto gave Btohee a majorilv of 4SC an7bv HunZnX!;5' thC CaUVaS8ingIil)'"'d' olect Maj. Ki.ias Héctor, one of the olclest dead.m0lt promilletlt C'tizens of Arkansaa, is WASHINGTON. The leading silver men in Congress, reporta a Washington correspondent, devkra with great empinéis that thoy, and those who SuÜih% t.hem..will oppose any attompt to nl er linut the eoinage of aüver or to rostriot it legal-tonder qualirv. Gen. Sheridan and Gen. Gibbon, in örair annual reporta to the General of the Arniy, made nome serious charges against the efficiency and integrity of the Indian aervioe, a admims i erod bv the Interior Dopartmont! becietary Sohnra has taken notioe of these charges o far as to indite a sharp lettef to the War Department defendiug the Indian uef as;iist wiiat he terms the anjuat attacka of Sheridan and Gibbon. He calis upou these officeretomakegood their charges byspeeiac Proof- tatöng to do wbioh, he raggoste that thej ivould do well to hold their peaoe Ir is annonnoed that tlie work of redeeming ieeal tenders in eoin on and af ter Jan. 1, ]S7;i, will be coafined to the New York sub-trraimirv alone, and will not be undertaken at the varioua Western and Southern Bub-treasuiioa. Secreta ry Sherman estimates that the amount of permanent animal apiiropriationB ueeded for the liscal year ending June 30, 188;), will be #145,989,438; appropriationa otherthan permanent, 'l,l8Ï3: total. tm?m]m. matoso? 1874 f S5:551'545 from the esti" The following are said to be the essantial points in Becretary Sherman's resumption programma : I. Onltea States notes iii be redeemed at Uie Wew lork BUb-tojaary In ffold or sllver coin. at the tiam'ömii ' U'r 0' "Ott""' witUout UmltaHon a0 . Legal-tendar notea of pedal Issue of lari-e denomlnattons wiil be delivered in place of koW .■(rüti.-at.-B. and there will bo uo iurtlnr issue of gold cerUScatee. ■: Holdors of notea who prefer Koll instead of sil%er-ill obuin Kold. and the treasnry will uot force npon the liolder of notes the kiud of lecaltonder eoin that is not desired. 4. Lesal-tenders. eren without the enactmeut of a:iy Iaw allirmativt-ly authori.iug it, will bc everywhere receivod or enstoms dic.. o. bilver dollars will be reeeiveit for IeRal tenders or natlonal-hank notes In mnlönles o( SI iXKi at anv nb-toeaaory or natlonal bant whlch ts a United l1'rUï'7,:t"vv "'o expense oí transportation to bc paid by the mint. GENERAL. The National Type-Founders' Asso ciation mof at Cleveland, Ohio, last week, to arrange ratos for the future. A slight reduction in the price of type was docidcd upon.. . Jhe twelfth animal session of tho National Urange. Patrons of Husbandrv, has just boen lield at Kichmond, Va. Tiventy-five Stites were repre-entetl byefehty delégales. BeportS of offioen represent the order ïuailouriahiii" oondition throughout the county. SoiIE time ago Charles W. Angelí, of OhicagO, treasurer of the Pullman Palace Car C tmpany, rau away with over Slüü.000 of that oorporatton'a funda. Newa has lately been reH,;Vo" of hls arrest i Portugal, and that 80 - iwu of the stolen money was captured vvith him. The Marquis of Lome, the future Governor General of Canada, landed at Halifax, in the steamor Sarmation, on the L'lth of Sovetnber, and was received with appropriate ceremonies. v l PÖIJTICAX. The -whole Greenback vote of Pennsylvauia is 80,803. The counfies whero they polled thc-ir Iargest votes were: Allogheny, 7.T3Í voten; BohuylküL 6,908 votes, and Luzorne, j,()Hi voten The Legislatura of GeorKia has ro electcd John B. Gordon to the United Btatea Seríate.... The official Republican ma.lonty in Minneaota ia i 1,1 :lí4. A Washington dispatch says "the Committee on Elootious in the next Houae will have a great deal of work to do. It la airead; kno-n-n that contesta will be made from nine Ktatea. In view of the remarkably close voto 111 ." imniber of districts, and the informalitv of cerbfleates, the Clerk of the Houso will have a very responsible duty in making up the roil of the next House of liep rosen tativoa." A Lieutenant of pólice has been found guilty, in tlie United States Court at Cincinnati, of violating tho Federal Election laws by interfenng with a Supervisor in the discharge of liis dntiea. Following is the official vote of Illinois at the late election: Huperinteudont of Public Instruction- Slade, Eopublican, 906,559; ,r Dcmoorat, 171,886; Hall, National, I Sr1?" !„ Kat0 L Hoi'kin, Prohibition, 8,386 ötote rreasnrer- Smith, Kopublican, 215,262; Crankrite, Demoorat 170,111 ; líate, National, H5,e38; Gorin, Prohibition, :.',i;tí. The Dainincndment to the constitution received -.i-, (80 votea, and is therefore adopt(xl. The official vote for Governor in Kansas is as follows: St John, Repnbliean, 72,338; (ioexlin, Democrat, 86,785; Mifchell Orcenbacker, ai,93;i ' FORE1GJÍ. Passananïe, the International who made the asaault on the Kiug of Italy, confoasee that ho intended to kill the young monarch, and u he had liad money enough to buy a revolver ho would have Buooeeded. He Kays ho had no personal feeling against the Kiug or Govcrnpient, ljut intended the amasuiuatioii a a meaos toward a universal republie. Cable dispatches aunounce that war has actually commenced bctween Great Britain and the Amoer of Cabul, and that the Indian troops aro fairly m niotion, their objoctivepoiut being tho mouutain pastieH on tiie northern border of Afghanistan AppalUng distraes anl deetitntioD ex:-t among tho meofianios and laborera of Sheffield, England, in oonseqnenoe of the bnsineea depreslon. Hnndred exiet in tonements without clothing or furaiture all naving been sold or pawned to procure f'ooa. 1 hey Ri-e without fuel, and deoendent upon tho charity of neighbore. The Halifax iwaril was paid on the 21st of November. Payment was mado by dmft for tho fnll amonnt of $5.500,000, whioh had boen previou-ly plaitel In the custody of Minister Welsb, at London, tho transfer beiiiR orlered by cabio. lx a debate in the French Chamber of Depnties, tho other day, Gambetta accuBed Do Fonrtou, lately a menber of tho ministrv of falFehood. A challenge followed. and tliè pair met at a convonient plaoe near Paris. Tliev lilaced at the pafe -liRtancc of tbirtv-flve pacea apart, and Bxchftnged ehotB. Of 00UT86 ueither was hurt The aCfair was then 'amica" '1n8ted,"and both partise left tho field sansned. Tm: firsl collision between theBritish forcea and tho Afghanitrtans occnrrod on tho 21st of November. The right was for the posHcKNidn of Fort . Ali Musjid, whieh commanded tho Khyber pass. Tho Alghans held out manfullv. but, beiug throatonod in tho rear by a ílantog forcé, they woro compelled to evacuato the fort nnil ftill back toward Paka, at tlio othor end of tlio pass. Tho British lf ss wan a'iont 310 killod and wounded. Ulo enemy abandoned m:uiy i-annous and largo quantitios" of miliferj SlippliOB. It is said that eiglit Russian divisions, amomitinK to i;20,(XX) men. will 1)0 sont into Bulgaria bof oro tho end of Jho year.


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