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Stolen Jewels

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In 1792 tho orown jowels of Franee, sliown in tho Exposition, were stolen. ïwo of the men concerned in tlio theft were captured, bat thejewels could not be fouml. At tlie timo these two men vero placad in priaou one Laniieville was alo there, bnt presently escaped. Soon afterward he called ujioii a jailer, wlio had been kind to him while in prison, and toM him iluit be had overheard tho two jewel robbers talking, and learned that thcy had hid tho gems; and, snro enongii, at the plaoo designated thoy wero found. Lamieville was subsequently made a military offlcer. In the reign of Louis XVIII. these jewels were yalued at $4,200,000. Mr, John McCaktuy, of tho China Inland Mission, his performed, peijiaps, the most remarkable of journeys through China. Having left Shanghai at the close of 18VC, he reached Bhamo in August, 1877, liaving traveled a distaoce of .".,000 miles'. AVearing the Chinese drt'BS, he met witli no difiiculty.


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