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Sabbath Reading

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Tlianlcffgiving ïïj mn. God of the rolling year! To Thrn Om' song hIihII viso, Whose bounty poura. In mnny a goodly gift, with f re e And liberal hand, out antumn torca; No flratUttgfl oí our Üoik we hUy. No Kiiariui.' cloudfl of Iiiccukc tIhp, Uut imTliy hallowed shrine wö lay Our hearta in gratoful sacrifico. Bonio on Thy brruth. Che lap of spring ffaa heapod with tnuny a blooming ílnvcr; and smüitiK fiumincr joyed to brinii 'i in' HUnsliiiie atld tlic Kt-'Utle sliower; Aml mtumiiv rich iuxuriancfi uor, riin niu: scfed, the biTratiiié shcHl, The golden sheaf aml laden luni-'h. The fullmH oL Xhy bouuty teil, No mctiiiil throng, in ]iriin-clyilonio, Here valt h Utlod lord'a benei i Uut inaiiy a fair aml peacsfnl home Hath won Thy pe&cefnl dove o fruest; N'o grovoa ui j.alm our fielda al:ri. No shatlt-s or bowera, But ruftCUng mcatls of Kolden corn, And tield.s of waviog aro uurn. Sare iu T)iy care the ljmdHcnpe oer Our floefca and herdfl socnrely atray; No tyrant mastfr claim our store, No ruthleas robber renda away; No liei't'f volcanos withorlng shower, No feil simoon, with poleonout brcath; No buniíiifí Mutis, with öftleful power, Awake the ttory plaifuos of death. And here shall rle our sonp to Tltcc, Whcrr lt'ti'.-tluhfd valt.' and pantureM He. Andstreani ko slngin wild aud free, Bcneath a blue and fiiiiili. p sky; AVh' wi ïn'v waa raared a mortal thronc, win't'c riMwurii opbressora never trud, Here, at throne oí Bearen alono, Shah man iu reverence bow to God.


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