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Francis Murphy has begiin a eampaign against whisky in New York. Ckimk is (lividecí into three classes in Pariü-conscious, semi-conscious aud unconscious. Artificial teeth are now made of paper. Once iixed iu the mouth, they reniain stationery. öekmanh report that Bismarck weighs 243 pounds, a gain of forty-threft pouuds in four years. Eioht millioX cups of tea is about the average consuraption in this country during a fair year. Swkkt eider, even if just from the press, is condeinned by thi? Massachusetts Total Abstinence Society. Washington Territory asks to be admitted as a State. Her last censúa gave her population at only 51,333. An anti-equestrian society has been formed in Alabama by people who believe that horses T?ere not made to carry riders, and that to bestride them is an act of cruelty. The Electrician learns from St. Petersburg that preparations are in progress for illuminating the streets of the Kussian capital by means of Jablochkoñ's electric light. Thk sum appropriated for the support of the pólice forcé of New York city this year was $Í5,999,8(5. Borne of the papers intimate that tho city is not getting the worth of its money. The exportation of butter from France has increased from 480,000 cwt. in 1872 to 800,000 cwt. in 187(1. A large portion is supplied from Normuady, which also boaste the best qualities. A Washington county (Pa.) farmer aged 80 recently married a young ladyof 20, and the family is badly mixed up,. because the bride's older brother is married to her husband's only daughter. The prices of some articles are 18 per cent. lower than before the war. Corn. has not been so low since 1845, excepting in 1861, cotton not so low in twentythree years, and mess pork not since 1844. The Bishops of England have, it is understood, come to a resolution that iu future licenses shall not be granted for the remarriage according to the rites of the Church of England of divoreed persons. Within the past twenty years therehas been a great extensión in Englaud of the culture of ügs under glas, and many landed proprietors now pluck fresh figs for dessert in their own greenhouses. Many gifts of money and precious objects are now handed to Pope Leo XIII. in person, for his own use, but contributions to Peter's pence have dwindled down to a mere driblet siuce the death of Pius IX. Protestant hymns are sung in the schools of Waltham, Mass. Fourteen Roman Catholic pupils refused to join in the singing, and were sent before the school committeo to be disciplined, bat tho committee took no action. A 8WARM of bees took possession of the chimney of tho Middlefield (Ct.) Methodist Church during the slimmer, and, when a fire was kindled in the stove on Sunday, the floor of the church basement literally flowed with honey. Many of the Yuma Indians were employed in the construction of the Southern Pacific railroad across the California desert last year, and were found to be good workers. Employment is to be given them in continuing the rond fioui ï'jima eastward.


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