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A fricnil has loancd us a copy of the llNcw Zealnndcr," a paper printed at Auoklnnd, the j)rincipal English settlement in New Zealand. It is dated Dec. 13, 1815, and being printed on the borders oföannibaiism, is quite a curiosity. It contains scvcval columns of advertisements : slnpplBg news : a summary oí' English news : the mersage of the Colonial Governor, and the doings of the Legislative council : several communicatiotis on the condition of the nativos : the donation of fivc guineas to thc Vclyan Mission of thc Govcrnor : thc address of the order of Odd Fcllows to the Governor on lus u-rival, and his Exccllency's rcply : and notices ofthe preparations in the Colony for subduing the hostile and 'rcbellious natives" to English subjection ; with accounts of the quarrels ofthe natives among themselves. Tlie Anglo Saxon race, there as elscwlicrc, will in time either extermínate thc na tivcsor incorpórate them into the nationality ofthe victors. The price of this paper, which is published weekly, is 26 shillings per annum. It is about half-the size of ours, and is well printed. It lacks, however, ono evidenco of civilization very common in American papers - there yxtfi not a Have adverliscd in it!