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Poetry: A Welcome For Elihu Burritt

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- i "His brow is wct with honost swcat, He cnrns whate'er lio cn, And he looke ilie wliolc worid n iho face, For Le owes not nnv hwim." Longt'Moxo' s Vulitgc Blacltsmith. , Up. toiling fellovv countrymen ! The oad ship neirs the strand, Thm bears a true and honest man Krom i!i;it far weitern Innd ; Up. up. and ivo him wolcomc ! No liáis ofí and no cheern, But meet liiin as a friend meets friend Alter iho lopse of yoars, Witli ucrvous grasping of the hand, And glances full of love, AnJ joyous vvords nnd sniiles as bright As suubursts I rom above. What ho,Ugh yotir cheoks be snn cnibrowned Your luiods grown hard witli toil ; Think yo he'll not r-Uurn rjw rasp And nnder sini!e lírmile 1 Whiii tiiough your speucli be rude, and yo OI' knowledí;') Imvo stnall store ; WJiile he hath niamered niiiny tonguos And decply drank oí lore ; Will tiedisd.iinful turn away, And scorn I116 fellow men ? Olí, 110 I 'tio s'ich as you he loves, Up, up, und greel liiin, the.-i i II! cotneth notas monarchs come, In pomp, and pride, and staie ; He cometí) notas héroes come, Witli deeds of blood cinto ; He weara no kingly cniwn. and yet la tnitli a king is lie. - A mighty one ín realm of mind He hatli a sovereigiuy ; Ho bears no eword. no laurel wreath, Yet who like he bnth ipugbt, And difficul tifia oveioouio, And deuda of yreatncss WTüUght í He sends his nicssengi-rd before, Tlie blcsjcd words ?ƒ pcoee, Ti l)id all stiifes and jealoii'-irs, And vsiin contcntions eease ; His 'íolive lenves" nre scattered round, And borne on overy gile ; Olí, muy ilie leiáonS ibere impressod . O'er human he;iri9 prevalí ! Then up, my lellow countrynien, And roet ihis workins 'i'"11 - The pioneer 111 lif;'s griMt march, And londer i the van.